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  1. Karthik Rao
    Karthik Rao is a marketplace On-Demand telecom Manpower for Field Engineers
  2. bongo122819
    I only need one more guitar !
  3. Infant
    Infant adm
    Just asking for the rest of the "boys", are you still in the process of migrating Gibson Talk or is this what we are going to be left with? I thought that after having the site down for 3 days last week, everything was done.
  4. S. Rock
    S. Rock Alex
    hi Alex,
    would it be possible to get Paruwi reinstated to the forum. he's the one that told me about mlp. he would be a good Mod for us here.
  5. somebodyelseuk
    Huya Tom,
    My email address -

    Cheers, Julian
  6. Old Tom
    Old Tom somebodyelseuk
    seuk, send me an e-mail if you would
    need to pick your brain on a humbucker(2) install.You
    r'e the best Iv'e heard yet! thanks, Tom
  7. Seventh2nd
    Dear all, I'm in the opportunity to buy myself a CC#1 Melvyn Franks. What's a decent price for it? What does the Vintage Guitar guide say? Mine is a '14 edition. I'm afraid the price has gone up a little since then.
  8. mundanelawsuit5
    "Devoted music trailblazer. Organizer. Communicator. Foodaholic. Analyst. Extreme writer. General introvert. Passionate travel practitioner." My page: cheap steam games
  9. My335
    My335 spellcaster
    Posted! Hope you like the stamps. It was a little tricky tracing around the head stock because it slopes backwards and the tuners stick straight out the back. So, I traced up to the head with the axe face up, then flipped it over and lifted up the body to get the head to lay flat. I still had to work around a couple string-end loops, but I think it'll work for you. Cheers!
  10. Angelo
    Anybody know the production number of 2012 satin yellow, Les Paul's were produced ?
  11. dombrowm
    Just joined this group. Not quite sure how to read responses to my posts, so I'll post a question and see what happens.
    Question; I have a 1990 Gibson Lucille. Lately on various sites I've seen posts about converting Gibson stereo guitars to Mono. I don't really understand this question. On my Lucille there are two output jacks. If I plug into one of the jacks (can't remember this moment which one) it certainly seems to function fine as Mono. i.e.-both pickups working. If I plug only into the other jack then it only picks up one pickup.
    So why would anyone convert the guitar completely to Mono if you could just plug into the jack that can act as mono with both pickups working?
  12. Srini
    Srini SAguitar
    Hey Stan,

    Would it be OK to post a link to my youtube channel? I felt more comfortable doing that on the Fender forum since I know you guys better, and of course, Fender style axes...

  13. rbhog
    Can anyone tell me why some Gibson LP Studios have a blank
    Bell cover?
  14. Biddlin
    Biddlin Tronical Bens
  15. Dale
    Does anyone know how to bid on flyingvguitarstore site? l can't find links.

  16. Dale
    Has anyone used If so how do you contact sellers? It directs you to links at the bottom of the page but I can't find any.

  17. SAguitar
    Hi WavMixer! While I do use this avatar on a few other boards, I do not know a Doc Ozone.
    Stay tuned,
  18. WavMixer
    WavMixer SAguitar
    your avatar looks familiar. Do you know Doc Ozone?
  19. Biddlin
    I posted a picture of a Les Trem, which would require skilled modification (machining, perhaps) to work on a wrap-tail.
  20. TimS
    TimS Biddlin
    I recently read posts re: 2014 MM and tremolo/vibrato mods. I beleive a picture posted was a integrated bar with the gibson stop bar tsilpiece. Can you tell me what /when/where about thus piece?