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    1. indianation65
      If you ever go read in a Gretsch forum, a few members are "okay" with GFS, but obviously prefer Gretsch filtertrons, or TV Jones. I don't have a problem with GFS, and plan on buying more when necessary. Maybe my ears aren't that good anymore, and I just love them all!

    2. anfontan
      Indianation66 said-If you are intent on getting new pickups, I recently replaced some humbuckers in a Gretsch solid with a GFS Liverpool neck, and a GFS Nashville bridge, for more top end crunch, clean or with pedals. I couldn't be happier. They are standard humbucker-sized, and my next set will be Liverpool and Nashville, neck and bridge reversed. That is if I get the Gretsch I'm watching. Good luck...raise the individual poles to your liking, and enjoy! The price is right...

      Addendum: The Nashvilles are ceramic, and the Liverpools are alnico. Otherwise, same pickup...Overwounds also offered.

      Indianation-I didn't want to hi-jack the thread so I will respond to your post here. I have some of those GFS pickups in several of my guitars-The Gibson Paul has 2 Mean 90 P-90's, my Epi Firebird has a mini humbucker in the neck position, my MIM Stratocaster has 2 GFS single coils and an alnico Liverpool Retro-tron in the bridge, my Teles have GFS neck pickups and I have a Xaviere XV-600 that is from GFS-it is a Tele thinline style with an 'F' hole and the Dream 180 humbuckers with coil tap switches. The XV-600 is very versatile and extremely lightweight, I use it for live performances a lot!
      I haven't gotten any pickups from GFS that aren't presently installed in a guitar-I'm pretty pleased with their products.
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