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  1. steve01

    steve01 New Member

    Hi folks,

    I believe my Gibson is a 2003 make.

    It is a 175.

    Not sure if it is a 175-D (don't know what the D stands for, I think double hum bucker, but not sure).

    I bought it new from an authorized dealer around 2006.

    Can you Gibson experts please help me figure out what year / make / model that I own? I am strongly considering selling it and would also like to figure out what its true value is.

    Also, what sources are a good place to value a guitar?

    I have never sold any of my axes before. Any knowledge is much appreciated.

    Thanks all.

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  2. Billy C

    Billy C Active Member

    Hi and Welcome to Gibson-Talk, Steve. That be a awesome looking 175 and you be so lucky to have it.. Always had my eye on one but didn't pull the trigger on it............
  3. johnreardon

    johnreardon Active Member

    Hi Steve and welcome to this place. Nice looking guitar. Yes, I believe the D denotes that guitar has two humbuckers. Best source of info on the guitar is the manufacturer. Try contacting Gibson. They will need to see pics including the serial no. They should be able to tell you where and when it was made.

    Value is always difficult to estimate. Try looking at eBay or Reverb and see what previous ones, if any, went for.

    Good luck
  4. Jeffytune

    Jeffytune New Member

    I am borrowing this from the Gibson website.


    Year 2003
    Date Monday, April 14, the 104th day of 2003
    Rating 724.

    Gibson went to a 9 digest serial number system in 2005, so I think this is correct.

    I hope this helps.
  5. SAguitar

    SAguitar Active Member

    There ya go, Steve! And before you go selling that beauty, think about it for a few months. I don't remember selling a guitar that I didn't regret the decision later.
  6. steve01

    steve01 New Member

    I appreciate your feedback.
    I am strongly considering selling -- but as you said, it would be hard to let it go.
    With the case, added strap locks, and a nice strap, do you think 3,000 is a reasonable price?
    It is a great guitar.
  7. Jeffytune

    Jeffytune New Member

    Well Steve, price is subjective.
    I did a search on Reverb, they suggested a range of 1800 to 2400. That seemed a bit on the low side to me. They usually come to that as to what they would pay and what they have sold in the past.
    E-bay shows a range from 2300-4000, but the more expensive ones are from the 50/60s so, you need to take that into account.
    GC shows that they have 16 in there system 2500-5700 (but that one in a 1959).

    Also, do you have the case candy? The case, tags, manual, warranty card, tools if you have that, this raise the value as well.

    Lastly, how fast do you need to sell it? If you can sit tight for 6 months to get the right buyer, I think I would start at 3500 and see who bites.

    This is a great guitar, but it's not a Les Paul, you need to find the right buyer for it.
    Being your in LA, have you considered talking to Fret Americana? They are a high end guitar dealer, and they might want to consign it with them.

    Just a thought.

  8. steve01

    steve01 New Member

    This is good advice, but for now, I think I will hang onto it. Thanks everyone.

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