2017 es335

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  1. Eagle1

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    I recently bought one of these. I like it but I'm having problems keeping it in tune. It still has the factory strings on it which are 10's. There also seems to to be some harmonic overtones from the G-B and high E strings that are quite annoying especially when I play it acoustically. Does anyone have these problems? can it be the new wood?
  2. SAguitar

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    Although they don't age the wood much anymore before assembly, they do apply some techniques to it to try to speed up that process. Try putting a little graphite in the nut slots to help the strings maintain proper tension and help the tuning issue. It could be a lot of little things. The "overtones," I don't know, I'd have to hear the problem to address that one.
  3. Jeffytune

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    A new set of stings could help, but I would suggest that you take this to a Luther and have a proper set up done, preferably one that is Gibson trained.
  4. Eagle1

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    2017 es 335

    I put it on the bench and removed the crappy factory strings which seem to be very similar to D'Addario, oiled the fretboard, opened up the nut grooves a wee bit where the strings were being pinched (that oh to familiar 'tink' sound), and put some pencil graphite in them, readjusted the truss rod, which was too tight, then installed a set of Ernie Ball 10's which are a bit thinner on the low end. Seems to be great now, although I'll have to let it normalize for a while. It is so humid here in Delaware, and it rains so much, it wreaks havoc on guitar tuning except for my 1966 Vox Bobcat. That wood is so old that nothing seems to affect it. Oh yes and those annoying harmonic overtones are gone too!
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  5. SAguitar

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    Glad to hear you're making some progress with it, Eagle1! That's great. It rains a lot here in Oregon (duh!), and on some of my guitars I have to make slight truss rod adjustments about twice a year. It's all good.
  6. no reason to cry

    no reason to cry New Member

    es 335s are fantastic guitars!
    Enjoy it!
  7. Mutato

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    I've had my 1985 Dot since around '89 and it's been like a ROCK for tuning. I had it set up once. Yes once. When I bought it then.

    For all my guitars, I rub pencil lead into the nut slots anything in string path (for Strats mostly). Keeps the strings from sticking when bending notes and temp changes.

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