68 reissue. 2006. are these the original pots?

Discussion in 'Les Paul Discussion Page' started by treatb, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. treatb

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    looks like some solder joints are reworked and i can't remember if these are the original pots. i believe my dad stole the ones out of this guitar and put these in, but i can't be sure. the guitar just doesn't seem the same. it won't sustain at all, and the pinches die out, before this guitar had massive voice and great sustain, and was effortless to pinch.

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    You need to find a schematic and check that wiring out. It doesn't look at all like how my LP is wired.
  3. Infant

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    Doesnt gibson have their logo stamped on the back of their pots. I'll have to check my '06 ES137.
    You can also check the date codes on the pots to see if they were built prior to '07.
  4. SAguitar

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    Like Rob said, Gibson uses CTS pots that have their name on the back.

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