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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Robmo63, Oct 23, 2018.

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    So I’ve decided to finally get the SG I’ve always wanted. Pulled one off the wall at GC and it was just horrible. Neck way out of adjustment, strings not stretched out, I couldn’t even get it close to being in tune to plug it in and hear it. They offered to adjust it but I was so bummed that it was in such an unplayable condition that I just left.

    I was wondering if it’s worth it to wait till the year end for a better deal? The 2018 standard ‘61 is $1250 right now. Thanks
  2. Wouldn't have thought so. The 2019 models are already on sale, so they're desperate to get the 2018 models out the door.
    You might get a better deal at 'year end'... if there are any left then.

    Regarding the 'bad experience'....?????
    They offered to set the thing up for you, without the promise of sale?
    "I couldn't even get it in tune..."
    I've said it a billion times, 'don't exaggerate'.


    Since the year is already at end, I would go back and ask for that setup. If the neck is as bad as you say, but still promising, go for it while it's available. Maybe ask for a little discount to cover your concerns.
    They do have a generous return policy for at 30 days.

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