Anyone else a fan of the WildKat?

Discussion in 'The Epi Center' started by Ironwolf, Nov 26, 2015.

  1. Ironwolf

    Ironwolf New Member

    One of my favorite Epis is my WildKat. I've always been fond of both P90s and Bigsbys. Anyone else here into this marvelous, unsung little workhorse?
  2. SAguitar

    SAguitar Active Member

    I've been watching those for awhile now! They do look like a worthwhile guitar but I've never played one.
  3. Biddlin

    Biddlin Member

    I love mine and use it for jazz, country-swing and rock-a-billy.
  4. Infant

    Infant Active Member

    How's the tuning stability with the bigsby?? If I recall, when I tried one out, it did not have a roller bridge on it and kept going out of tune on me.
  5. Ironwolf

    Ironwolf New Member

    If the nut is properly cut and lubed and the bridge lubed properly, there is no problem. I have 3 guitars with Bigsbys, built one and shipped it to my brother in Germany and I'm currently building a 335 type that will have one. I have never had any problem with them. You just have to remember they are not meant for "dive bombing".
  6. Biddlin

    Biddlin Member

    I put a roller bridge on mine, not because of tuning issues but just to put less back to front lean on the bridge posts. Tuning is not a huge issue, though stringing and cinching the wraps to the tuner posts is a p.i.t.a. I also shimmed the Bigsby to raise the front and decrease the break angle to the bridge.
  7. PhatBoy

    PhatBoy New Member

    I want one w/P90's and Bixsby as well. I'm just out of space currently.

    Ironwolf, what type of music do you play on it?
  8. indianation65

    indianation65 Active Member

    I don't know, I rarely see them.

  9. Ironwolf

    Ironwolf New Member

    Pretty much anything from jazz to country. I lean towards using it for Rockabilly, even though I have a Gretsch.
  10. Captain Bob

    Captain Bob New Member

    Just bought a 2015 Wildkat. I absolutely love it. I did have to set it up, the action was a bit high. I also swapped out the bridge with a roller bridge from Guitar Fetish. Cost $20 and was well worth it. Oiled the nut and bridge, and the Bigsby is now as smooth as silk. Guitar stays in tune as well. You can get pretty extreme with the Bigsby without issue. Some say the tone is a bit dark and it has a buzz in it. Mine does not have either problem. No buzz at all and, a tone you would expect from a hollow body guitar. I picked this up on sale at GC for $350. The guitar has far exceeded my expectations. I play Blues and soft Jazz with a little bit of Rock. When I want to scream, I dig out my 94 US Hamer Daytona. Quite honestly, you can play any type of music on the Wildkat. The sustain is great. Want to do a little Santana? This guitar will rip it up. It is an excellent player for the money. I am quite surprised, and pleased.
  11. sliberty

    sliberty New Member

    I want to like them, but I can't get passed the Bigsby. I don't get along with them.
  12. Captain Bob

    Captain Bob New Member

    Interestingly enough, This is only my second BIgsby. The first was on a 60's vintage Guild Bluesbird I played when I was a kid. I never had issues with the BIgsby on that guitar. So far, this one has been OK as well. It does take a bit of getting used to. If you are used to using a vibrato arm like what is on a Stratocaster, the BIgsby feels different. That being said, stick with the BIgsby for a short period and everything comes together. I go between my 94 US Hamer Daytona (Stratocaster style) and the Wildkat with Bigsby with no issues at all. At least, that is how it has worked out for me. :)
  13. Ironwolf

    Ironwolf New Member

    I love Bigsbys. The vibrato effect they produce seems to me to be more subtle and mellow than other trem systems produce.
  14. SAguitar

    SAguitar Active Member

    I used to be totally anti-Bigsby! But I have come to appreciate them (and learned to fine tune the beast), and now I get along pretty well with them.
  15. ChefBlue

    ChefBlue New Member

    I love mine

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  16. Captain Bob

    Captain Bob New Member

    Hey, you are playing my guitar! ;) I do like the wine red version. Have you done any other modes to your guitar? I changed the bridge to a roller and lubed everything up. Plays very well and sounds great. I would like to understand how the wiring upgrade changes the tone. I understand it makes it brighter, but just how much brighter. I find it difficult to tell when listening to You Tube demos.
  17. Biddlin

    Biddlin Member

    I really like mine, but don't use it enough. I must add more Buffalo Springfield covers to the set lists,,,
  18. SAguitar

    SAguitar Active Member

    Yes! Those guys were some of my original inspirations to get into this crazy game.
  19. tbb007

    tbb007 New Member

    Mine was a Christmas gift from my family, and so far I'm liking it.

    I was shopping for a hollow/semi, but the 'Kat hadn't been at the top of my list, since I already have a P-90 guitar (MP Tele thinline), but there's definitely a whole different set of tone options. Plus, the only Kats I had seen in store were the yellow ones, which didn't really grab me, but this wine-red is just stunning.


    Biddlin: Are you familiar with the black butterfly paper clips. I found that the 1" version fits perfectly over the Bigsby anchor bar. That's how I simplify the re-stringing process.

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