Anyone ever see this antique Gibson String Store display cabinet.

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  1. Stotzbotz

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    Hello folks. Wondered if anyone has ever seen this antique Gibson String store display cabinet. I have a chance to buy it but it's expensive. Wondered if anyone might know of its value. I was told it is very rare. Appreciate anyone's thoughts on this.

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  2. Biddlin

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    Those string cabinets were available in the Gibson catalog from 1937-42. They cost a princely sum of $48 in '37.
    I can't find a firm selling price but one was listed at $595 a couple ofyears ago. I suspect the real selling price was c. $375. usd
  3. jimilee

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    I bet whomever’s wife is ready to get it right out of her living room.

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  4. johnreardon

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    Hi and welcome to this place.

    It wouldn't be allowed anywhere near my house, not even in the garage. :biggrin:

    More appropriate for a music shop I think
  5. BGreene

    BGreene New Member

    The feng shui is strong with that one. (kidding). Nice find if you have the place for it.

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