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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by BavonWW, May 31, 2018.

  1. BavonWW

    BavonWW New Member

    Hi, BavonWW here long time Les Paul, and SG player.
    Sadly I fell very ill fifteen years ago ended up selling every thing I own inc guitars.
    A bit recovered after a few recent operations, but now have LH carpal tunnel problem. Quite bad, hope it will be fixed. Rather than splash out onto a real Gibson to see if I can still play at all, I got myself an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro which is nice.
    I'm restricted to a two finger and bit, Django style until hand op. Luckily my father used to make me play Django's tunes with little and ring fingers tied up so I can do that which is a pleasure. Third (ring)finger is slowly coming on song, but cannot bend notes easily especially on the flat Custom fretboard. I'm sniffing around for a copy Deluxe or a Squier telecaster for a bit more fingerboard curvature.
    However, Custom is always my main guitar.
    I didn't have to hot rod the Epiphone like I did my Gibsons in the early 70s. It has coil taps and phase pot already, no fragile windings to unpick!
    Will do a bit of hot-rodding on covers, caps, and wiring. Maybe a set of locking Grovers, better nut, and Bigsby too. Depends on how well I do with my fingers.
    I doubt I'll ever get back to heavy jazz gauge strings though. Currently using Super Slinkys, not used to the lack of power and tone; Oh well, that's life..
    This site is excellent, glad to find it.
    Ok, must go, more finger exercises.
    Don't play too hard, God bless Les Paul(and Leo Fender)
  2. johnreardon

    johnreardon Active Member

    Hi and welcome to this place. Sorry to hear of your medical problems but nice to hear you are back to playing.

    Good luck
  3. Infant

    Infant Active Member

    Hi and welcome to Gibson Talk. Glad to hear that you are playing again.
  4. SAguitar

    SAguitar Active Member

    Welcome to Gibson-Talk, I am glad you have found us! I wish you the best in your recovery, and I agree that many of the guitars that are being built today are better than some that were built years ago. I might warn you about the Fender scale guitars, since it is a longer scale, there will be more perceived tension in the strings and that might be a hindrance to your fingers. You might look into the Fender Jaguar, which has a 24" scale.

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