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Discussion in 'Mods and Tech Talk' started by Old Tom, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Old Tom

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    Hi folks, been thinking about pulling the pots(tone&vol) out of a jt-300
    strat copy I picked up at the local pawn shop. The first thing I did was level the frets, make a new nut,and set the action.Only got 75 bucks in it,seems
    like it;s the first one I grab when an idea hits me-no case. so it's handy.

    I'm prob the only person on the planet still recording with cool edit pro.
    I run the guitar thru a small behringer mixer,802-I can get vol and eq thru it.
    Anyone else ever went this route?
  2. Up until a year ago, I was recording through a small Mackie mixer - 402VLZ4 - into a M Audio Audiophile 2496 PCI card into Reaper (the DAW) - more or less my set up for the previous 15 years.
    Last year, the Mackie/2496 got replaced by a Focusrite 18-20.
    In terms of instruments, I have too many guitars which cover all the bases, so pretty much anything goes there, but 'first stop' is usually the Strat in my intro post.
    Basses - I have couple of Precision copies, one as it came and one set up with flatwounds and all the covers added, with the string mute inside, for a really vintage sound.
    Amps... software, these days. Blasting away at full volume is impractical and my eyesight's not so good, so I'm trying to preserve my hearing. It only sounds unconvincing in as much as it sounds infinitely better than could realistically be achieved in my home - when they come up with a '4x12 in a ****ty spare room' preset, THEN they'll have it nailed ;)
    I recently rediscovered my old Tascam four track cassette recorder I used in the 80s/90s, at my parents', so I'm 'toying' with incorporating that somehow.
  3. Old Tom

    Old Tom New Member

    My thoughts on this were that the vol & tone are always "full on" anyway, so to me it's just something I don't need in the signal chain...
    I still have my old Fostex x-26 and x-28....those were the days...

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