Dot Pro vs Sheraton Pro II

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    I'm in the market for a semi-hollow Epi and these are the two that I'm most interested in.
    So, personal preferences aside, is there any real differences between these two other than the ornamental aspect?
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    The neck shapes are a bit different. The Dot looks a bit more plain, and the Sheraton looks a bit fancier. Both of them are well made and sound great. Try them both and pick the one that sings to you!


    Thanks. Playabilty and sound are probably going to be the determining factors.
    Until I started this search, I had no idea how in demand these models were.
    Some of the big name sites are telling me that neither model will be available until mid August. Not good for my GAS at all.
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    Hi LostVenture: Great choice in guitars. I'm not far from you by the way, work downtown actually. Try Craigslist (unless your heart is set on a new one). There are some great deals around your area.
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    Besides just the fancy inlays and hardware on the Sheraton, it does have a very different neck. Instead of the breakage prone mahogany with a scarf joint near the headstock that the Dot has, the Sheraton has a 5 ply hard maple/walnut neck that is significantly stronger than the Dot. This won't have much affect on tone, but it will make a difference if it ever falls off the stand.
    I have had a Sheraton II for about 12 years. I doubt that I ever sell it. It plays like a dream. Fit and finish are excellent. I did remove the stock pickups (way before the Probuckers were released) and installed a set that suites me better.
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