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Discussion in 'Les's Living Room' started by Old Tom, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. Old Tom

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    Morning gents,
    being a newbie here, I'm interested in who and what shaped your sound
    in your formative guitar years..Mine was Chet, Scotty Moore, James Burton,
    Roy Clark, Hank Garland, Merle Travis, and let's not forget good ole Luther Perkins-his
    style was so simple it was the easist to learn-years later, I liked the guy
    from England who played with The Shadows...think his name was Hank Marvin.


    I can't dissagree with any of Old Tom's choices.
    But having started my playing, serious playing, around 1960, I have to list the Ventures as a primary source of my early interest.
  3. My Dad's huge Shadows fan, so growing up Hank Marvin, Peter Green and Pete Townsend were the three that I remember hearing most around the house. My own interests... Steve Jones, Jake Burns and Stuart Adamson were the three that 'got me started'.
    I'm quite a fan of Gary Moore, Jimmy Page, Roddy Frame, Meredith Brooks... I like all sorts of stuff, but I'm a songs person, not a virtuoso person. All the widdly-widdly guys... they're compensating for something... "that don't impress me much" as a lady once said.
    I'm of the opinion that whether you'd like to admit it or not, everything you experience influences you one way or another, so if you've ever heard Britney Spears, she's influenced you.
    I like some things, I don't like others, but in some way, it's all "influenced" me.
  4. johnreardon

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    Never been one for 'xxx influenced me.

    It was the Shadows and I suppose Bert Weedon who started me off in the late 50s and since then I have always been a fan of the song not necessarily the artist playing it.

    I don't really like seeing others play, so rarely go to concerts. I saw Cream at the RAH for their reunion and since then only been to see Bad Company. In fact I only went to see them because I had a complimentary back stage ticket with some friends.

    I prefer playing not watching, even if I go to a local jam I get bored until I play with someone.

    As somebody says, in a way everyone you experience or play with influences you.
  5. Old Tom

    Old Tom New Member

    Ah the ventures-their music was so accessible...guys would say"hey I can learn that!" EVERYBODY liked the ventures..I did not know that Nokie Edwards played with Buck Owens early on. Duane Eddy did not do much for me,kinda "processed".Prob sold a lot of Bigsbys though...The fifties was a great time for the "one hit wonders".
  6. SAguitar

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    Growing up, I listened to everything on AM radio, and this was years before FM became a thing. When I got up to around 17-18, I became interested in Duane Allman, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, all the usual cats, and Frank Zappa. Those are the ones that really drove me to take up guitar seriously.

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