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  1. Rutledj

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    I’ve been looking at one of these as a small bodied jazz box. Curious if anyone has experience using one mostly for that purpose.



    That really depend on you. That guitar has quite a range of tones, so you should be good.
  3. SAguitar

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    No problem! I am able to easily dial in jazz tones on my Les Pauls. Not that it helps, I can't play a convincing jazz lick to save my soul.
  4. johnreardon

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    Hi and welcome to this place.

    Any guitar can be used for any genre of music, so don't be persuaded that they can't. It's down to the player as to what guitar they wish to use.
  5. speedy454

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    From what I have read, the only people that liked the 50's Les Pauls were the jazz players. Low sales caused Gibson to stop production and switch to the SG. It wasn't until the mid 60's when the blues/rock players started using the 50's Les Pauls that they caught on for anything other than jazz.
    Neck pickup, roll off the tone a bit, and you have all the mellow jazz tone you need.
    Maybe pick a model that has the '57 classic pickups, as this will most closely match the pickups and sound of some of their more expensive 'Jazz Boxes'
  6. musicalmartin

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    I havent sadly got an ES Les Paul but do have a Les Paul sized full hollowbody called a Keiper 109 .Its a cheapie Chinese or somesuch German imported .I got mine of Gumtree fro 60 UKP .Its a lovely little guitar and sounds good and plays well .Gets a fine jazz tone but frankly any Les Paul type huimbucker will do the same .It is also loud enough to practice acoustically .My Midtown is great for jazz and I play it at jazz bars.It has Burstbuckers in it .Also great for jazz is my Telecaster and my Strat with an A3 neck pickup .In fact most guitars will play jazz . Jazz guitars just dont have to be hollowbody monsters .I do play through a DV Mark little jazz which makes any guitar sound like a jazz guitar which helps
  7. Biddlin

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    ej200n.jpg ej200tailsm.jpg [​IMG]
    I use this for a lot of my jazz work. The blendable outputs allow a wide range of usable tone and dynamics.
  8. Infant

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    You can play jazz on anything. Ed Bickert, famous Canadian jazz guitarist played a Telecaster with a humbucker.
  9. You do know Les Paul was a real guy, right?
    He was a jazz guitarist...
    ...who played a Gibson Les Paul...
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  10. Infant

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