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  1. NaturalSoundz

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    Hi, I have an mic Epi casino, which I love but would like to improve the tone and playability I have never moded a guitar before and most likely will not do it my self. Any advice or suggestion on parts or what’s the most important things to upgrade?

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    You might get a professional setup, fret leveling and such, to help the playability.
    But, the Casino's sound is primarily due to it's pickups and body design. So there's not much you can do about that. Since those P90s are usually good quality, you might be wasting money changing them out.
    Depending on the sound that you are looking for, you might consider trading for another guitar.
  3. SAguitar

    SAguitar Active Member

    Well, that's quite an open-ended question! Once you do get it set up professionally, I guess it depends on what you want it to do that it can't already.

    The Casinos are pretty well made guitars in their own right. Many years ago the Beatles took a great liking to them, writing and recording a lot of classic songs in several genres using them. Sir Paul still cherishes his to this day.
  4. NaturalSoundz

    NaturalSoundz New Member

    What got me thinking mods is it came with a loose pickup connection, also I’ve played many at guitar center with electrical issues which makes me think there not so great so I figured gutting the electrics and replacing them with Gibson or other to just make it an all around better quality maybe better sounding guitar, but not sure. What would a professional set up entail?

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  5. SAguitar

    SAguitar Active Member

    Getting a pro setup is a great idea if you can't do it yourself. The problem is finding someone qualified to do it. Many years ago, I couldn't find anyone in my area I could trust with my guitars so I decided to learn how myself and took on that challenge. It involves adjusting the truss rod, leveling and dressing the frets, fine tuning the nut slots if necessary, and adjusting action and intonation. When done right, it will make a guitar sound much better, play in tune, and feel great under your fingers.

    The electronic parts inside your guitar are probably its weakest parts. Structurally, they are built quite well, and where the cut costs to keep the price down is mainly with the electronics. So yeah, replacing the potentiometers, switch, jack, capacitors and wiring would be a good improvement. This upgrade would produce a subtle improvement in tone, but those parts would likely last much longer than the stock parts, and not be overly expensive. Your pickups are of pretty good quality so unless you are very unhappy with their tones I wouldn't replace them. Assuming your tuners are Grovers, those are quite nice and don't need anything.
  6. Infant

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    I found the newer MIC Epiphones have much improved electronics. The pots are now made by Alpha and are pretty good, wire is wire, the caps are the same as what's in your stereo/amp/automobile etc. The only weak links that I found with my old Epiphone were the jack and the selector switch. I had to replace the switch as it became intermittent.

    That all being said, if you do decide to change things, remember that the current pots have import shafts on them and changing them to CTS pots may require drilling larger holes in the body and 4 new Gibson knobs.

    However, start with a setup and if the guitar is under warranty, let the manufacturer repair the connection problem. Then play it until you know for a fact that it can be made better. After I had my Dot set up properly, it was a great guitar. Epiphone replaced the switch under warranty and I never had a problem with it. I sold it to a friend who plays it constantly with no problems. Just use it for a while is my suggestion.

    Good luck and congrats!
  7. NaturalSoundz

    NaturalSoundz New Member

    That’s exactly what I would like to do with it. I was totally pleased with it (except the loose pick up of course) until I got a Gibson and could tell some components could be improved. I know some of the dimensions are different but what’s your opinion on the elitists vs the mic?

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  8. NaturalSoundz

    NaturalSoundz New Member

    Awesome! Thanks ya’ll for the suggestions. helps a lot

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