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  1. Gk55

    Gk55 New Member

    For 2 weeks I’ve tried to join the other forum to ask a question about fine tuners, ( Gibson vs Floyd Rose).
    I registered, got confirmation email and would be shown by my user name as online for a couple days then automatically signed out even though I checked to stay logged in, anyway, trying to log back in doesn’t work, they have no record of my username or email when I try to change password. I have screenshots of my username being online and the email ( they have no record of) confirming membership, I’ve started all over 4 times, same username, same password, same email and each time I’m in ( shown as online) for couple days then all traces of my account are gone?
    I’ve gotten the answer to my question from this forum about tuners but still it’s frustrating. They have a rule that you can’t post anything for a couple days till administration looks at your account so I was never a member long enough to ask anything.
    Is anyone else a member over there?
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  2. Infant

    Infant Active Member

    I think I signed up years ago but haven't been back. I basically hang out here and the TDPRI....same moderators at both.

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  3. Gk55

    Gk55 New Member

    Thanks, i was just curious if anyone else had trouble, I can still read everything just can’t post questions or pull up pictures, I’m on about 10 forums for cars and toy trains and even the Fender forum , just never ran across me disappearing completely from ever being on there lol
  4. SAguitar

    SAguitar Active Member

    I don't believe I have ever signed on to that one. I tend to get lost in the gigantic forums and gravitate to smaller, more personal groups like this one.
  5. johnreardon

    johnreardon Active Member

    If it's the Les Paul forum, yes I am a member but rarely go there. Just logged on and it seems to be working fine
  6. Gk55

    Gk55 New Member

    I think I’ll just be content to read this one, just thought since it was from web site it might be more threads but this one has all I need , thanks
    ( I just tried it again using login saved by my iPhone then typed it in according to my screenshot and failed again ) lol
  7. Infant

    Infant Active Member

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