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    I have been trying to identify serial # on my late father's Gibson ES.225T, but am not having any luck. I found the # inside the guitar. One side described the model #, the other had this # V5870 14. There is no other # on the guitar. Searches on Gibson guitar serial # sites found nothing and directed me to this Gibson forum for help. I would appreciate any help you's can give me.
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    Hi and welcome. It's best that you ask Gibson Customer service. Send them some high quality photos of the front and back of the guitar and the front and back of the headstock. Include the serial number and they'll reply with some info within within a day or two.

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    Hi and welcome to this place. Fully agree with Rob. The manufacturer is ALWAYS the best place to start. Those internet dates that try to date guitars are not very good.
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    FON# V=1956
    order in batch-14
    Gibson used this particular Factory Order Number system from 1952-1961.
    Year FON Letter Prefix
    1952 Z
    1953 Y
    1954 X
    1955 W
    1956 V
    1957 U
    1958 T
    1959 S
    1960 R
    1961 Q
  5. mrkmusic

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    Thanks for the info. Appreciate the help!
  6. mrkmusic

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    Thanks for the help! Really appreciate it! My father, who passed away 4 years ago would have, loved this forum! I was his drummer for 25 years in various bands. He loved his Gibson! Again, thanks!
  7. SAguitar

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    Wow, that's gotta be some great memories. Treasure them forever.

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