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  1. donnaricky

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    I have a bass guitar I believe is from 1960 something. It belongs to my dad. He always told me it was a Gibson. When I got it cleaned up, I was told it was not. The sticker says Gibsun instead. I have pictures of it if anyone can help me.
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    Some of Gibson's logos could be misconstrued as "Gibsun." They haven't always closed the "O."


    Get us some good pics to look at! And if you want solid answers, send some good pictures, and the serial number to the manufacturer.
  3. johnreardon

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    Just contact Gibson. They have always helped me with my questions. They will need to see pics including ones of the serial no.
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  5. donnaricky

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  6. donnaricky

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    I am trying my best to post the pics I have of what I am hoping is a true Gibsun bass. If it is does anyone know what it would be worth.
  7. johnreardon

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    Can't see your pics on Facebook, but as I mentioned earlier, you should confirm with Gibson that's it's real first.

    As for value, that is always subjective. A good indicator is to check previous sales on say eBay or Reverb. Or just google the model details and see what turns up
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    Hi and welcome. Like Stan and John already said, check with Gibson.
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    BTW, here's the logo on my Melody Maker. Is that an O or a U?[​IMG]

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