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  1. Ssisson1978

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    I have my grandfather’s J-45 and have found no way of dating it, as of yet. I would say it’s a 60’s from the block logo. There is a metal plate embossed with GIBSON on the back of the headstock where the SN would normally be, and a 2 stamped just above, indicating it’s a second.

    No SN on neck block.
    No sticker inside, just J-45 ADJ BRIDGE stamped on back inside wall

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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  2. johnreardon

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    Hi and welcome to this place.

    First thing I would do is email Gibson Support and ask them. They will need to see pics.

    They have always answered my emails even if the answer is 'Sorry, we have no records'

    Good luck
  3. Ssisson1978

    Ssisson1978 New Member

    Thanks for the welcome and th response.

    I’ll look into that.

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