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Discussion in 'Les Paul Discussion Page' started by 5thfrets, Jun 11, 2018.

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    Hi and thank you for allowing me to joining the forum. My son has just started his own repair business building a workshop attached to our house. In between repairs we buy and sell to help make ends meet. So cutting to the short, we bought a guitar that had been heavily abused with someone expressing their anger with an electronic sander (I assume). The photo's cant detail how much of the surface has been remove, including the top of the headstock, neck and headstock veneer. The body has also been attacked but only in paint removal. The routing has been chiselled and reshaped into shape so not sure what they were hoping to instal.

    Ok would love to know if this actually genuine. So far I feel the truss cover looks genuine,along with the truss rod nut. There is the remains of a book shape on the headstock but not much and the neck I believe is mahoghany, so that leaves me leaning to the possibility it maybe genuine. I have absolutely no knowledge of bolt on Gibson Les Paul's and didn't know such a thing existed as a young player living in the UK. Hope the photo's help

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  2. SAguitar

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    Oh, that poor thing! It has really seen some abuse.
    I don't think it ever was an actual Gibson. Disregarding the reshaping of the top of the headstock, I've never seen one in a narrow shape like that one. The logo on the front of the head does not appear to be a real Gibson logo, since the tops of both the b and the o are closed.


    Can you get any date codes of the potentiometers?
  3. Infant

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    Looks like it may have been an Epiphone Les Paul Special II at some point in its life.
  4. 5thfrets

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    Yes will do that tomorrow. The 1970’s the b was closed on many headstocks checkout

    However I agree about the shape.
  5. jtees4

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    That poor guitar!?! Not a Gibson, but I do have to say...if it were an Epi I wasn't aware that they used the same type of truss rod screw/nut as I don't know what to think. Good luck with it whatever it may be.

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