High E Bending/Vibrato

Discussion in 'Les Paul Discussion Page' started by Jdrix777, Nov 1, 2017.

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    Whenever I go for whole step bends on the high e, the b string likes to get in on the fun and it'll either get in the way - hindering my bends, or it'll get in the way AND ring out with the bend. All of that affects being able to use vibrato to an extent. Anyone have insight on this kind of situation.

    Out of the case, my LP was apparently strung 9-46 same scenario, but much too slinky on the unwounds. I changed it to 10's a day after. (If that little slice of info helps.) was debating if I should bring it in to a friend's guitar shop to get a full set up.
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    I play 10s myself so I can understand that, but a full step bend will always try to involve other strings. You have to learn how to mute adjacent strings to keep them from ringing if you don't want them to. And yeah a good setup is a good thing, but you should eventually learn to do that yourself! It helps you get closer to your guitar so you can understand it on a deeper level.

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