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  1. Mornin' y'all,
    Quick intro...
    Middle aged, ex-chemist, originally from Manchester, living in Brum UK. Listen to all sorts of music, own all sorts of guitars... except Gibsons... bur that'll be changing soon.
    Also a member of Gretsch-Talk, not blinkered by brand names, hoping to find people here are as open to 'other guitars' as at the Gretsch place.
    Been playing over 35 years, been pulling 'em apart, tinkering and rebuilding pretty much a week less than that!
    Anyhoo, the Gibson bit... when I started playing, Gibson wasn't, let's say, producing the best instruments in its history, so twin humbucker duties were covered by a pair of Yamaha SG2000s. I still have them both and the 'production line' LPs haven't surpassed them, yet...
    ...however, all being well, I'm hoping to be buying an R8 or 9 next year. Meanwhile, as I said earlier, I'm a tinkerer, and one thing I enjoy is taking budget end guitars and improving them, without spending big money. Crrently in the middle of rewiring a budget brand LP-a-like, that has the neck pu installed the other way round, wired out of phase and has the words 'Lemon' and 'Drop' in it's name. I removed the covers, de-potted (REALLY de-potted) and replaced the magnets with A4s. The wiring will be the Jimmy Page wiring. A previous project was taking a Squier VM Jag and turining it into a Marr replica, including putting the pups in the same polarity.
    Once the 'Green/Moore/Page LP-a-like' is finished, I'll be looking at getting an Epiphone Dot, so at least I'll be a 'legit' member, then.
    Looking forward to learning new stuff, sharing what I've learned over the years and any opinions and advice re: the Dot is gratefully received.
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    Hi and welcome to this place
  3. Infant

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    Hi and welcome to Gibson Talk. We'd love to see some pics of your guitars, Gibson or not, we don't discriminate.

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  4. Thanks chaps.
    Pictures? Oh my... I've amassed quite a few over the years, but I'll post what I've already mentioned above..

    Representing Gretsch-Talk, may I present 'Charlotte' -

    The Yamahas

    The 'LP-a-like'

    The Jaguar - sorry, I don't have a 'solo' photo.
  5. Infant

    Infant Active Member

    Very nice. There used to be a member here (Sgt Rock) who had a nice green Gretsch with gold hardware. It was quite gorgeous. Those Yamahas are nice. Wasn't Santana playing those in the late 70s /early 80s?

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  6. The Yamahas... I believe Santana played a custom made one based on the SG175, but he did have a hand in the design of the SG2000.
    The build quality is exceotional. They stack up against any Gibson... except for the pickups. They were perfect for the 80s, but... There's a misconception that they're too powerful, implying they're overwound, but they're actually on the underwound side of 'PAF'. They're A5 magnets, so they have a lot of top end, compared to the midrange - for the wind they'd be better with A2s or about 1-1.5k more on the windings. On top of that, they put them in the wrong places. The neck is the higher wound of the two - on both guitars - and you can't easily swap them because of the configuration of the adjustment screws.
    I'd love tp hear a set of 'Montys' in one, but at their age, I can't bring myself to take a soldering iron to 'em... hence the urge for an R8.
    The Gretsch is a 'toy'. Wanted one for years, couldn't justify the cost, then this came around. It's a 5420, one of the Ekectromatics. Great for those of us who want the sound and vibe, but we don't dream about them.
  7. Old Tom

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    When I saw that Gretsch, I had to grab a thumb-pick and butcher my version of Caravan by Chet,,,,,used to own a Tennessean, wonderful guitar-
    wish I could afford one again! Great lookin' guitars, partner...
  8. Tom, I dream of being able to play like that.
    It's not one of the wildly expensive ones. These are just under a grand, new. I think used ones go for half that. In terms of how it sounds compared to a 6120, it's a bit like comparing an R9 Les Paul and a real '59 - they sound the same until you have them in the same room.
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    Welcome to Gibson-Talk! Great lookin' gits you have there, I play several brands myself and respect quality wherever you can find it. I have an old LP that I rewired with the famous Page schematic and it can produce a wide variety of tones.
  10. Thanks.
    I'm building myself up to install the wiring into that LP-a-like pictured above... I'm doing all the necessary soldering on a home-made 'jig' with a plug/pin system for attaching the 'on the guitar' components - jack/pickups/switch/earth.
    This is my 'third evolution'. I'm basically using breadboard prototyping wire, this time round, in an attempt to make it less of a 'stuffing it in' job.
    As it goes, I probably wouldn't do this on a Gibson. My Yamahas have coil taps that I never bother with, the phase switch would be a good addition and the series/parallel... I've got that on that Jag, I'm expecting on a Les Paul that it would only really be useful with the pups tapped - my theory is that Page has it on his so he doesn't have to take the Dano on the road.
    It's an interesting project, nevertheless.

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