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    So I’m just wondering, I can’t seem to find anything online anywhere for this. But I’m wiring up a HSH guitar with master volume and master tone both of which are push pull and a DPDT toggle switch. So my thought was I’ll do one master coil split, one master series parallel (as in make each humbucker parallel not parallel with each other) and then the toggle I would use to turn on the neck pickup in any position that way I could have all three at once or just neck and bridge.

    I couldn’t find a diagram so I worked it out myself. All seems to work well except when I’m on the middle single coil and pull one of the pots it changes the tone. Almost like a volume drop or something. Which made me think, maybe this isn’t possible? I looked around and even on a regular HH setup I can not find a diagram for doing master coil split and master series parallel (again I don’t mean series parallel between two pickups, I mean a switch to make each humbucker series parallel.

    Hope all this make sense. I’m starting to think maybe it’s one or the other? Definitely a lot of wiring going on when trying to do everything at once. But I was hoping to make this work. Maybe I just missed something. I’m going to look back over it but I was just curious why no one seems to have diagrams for this kinda setup and thought, maybe there is a reason for that. Lol
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    Can't believe no one has touched this....

    There are a few (I've seen) production models withy this configuration.
    You didn't really expand much........

    Gibson NightHawk is HSH.

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