I love my SGs!

Discussion in 'Other Gibson Solid Bodies' started by OldWood1916, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. Me neither, and if you know yer guitars, you know they're basically twin cutaway LPs, not copies of SGs.

    By the way, what happened to that religious nutter?
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  2. SAguitar

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    I guess Mr. Admin swooped in and chopped him off! I can't find a trace of him anywhere. I'm actually surprised that he responded with even more blather. Usually, those guys are a one-shot deal.
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    Amen :D
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    I posted earlier in this thread, that I didn't currently own an SG (though I've had many). Since then I bought two, and kept one. My current keeper is my 2011 Special (gloss), I just added chrome pickup covers. SG's are my favorite guitar and I also usually have a Tele laying around too.

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    Congrats, what a beauty! :)
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  6. Shame, I always find 'religious nutters' hugely entertaining... and when I say 'religious nutters', I don't mean anyone who follows a religion. I'm talking about those obviously brainwashed, incapable of rational thinking types... and I count people like those you find on youtube a lot - you know the ones, "xyz is real/true/better because Billy Gibbons/Joe Bonamassa says so" without ever actually investigating anything themselves - usually 'Southern State' drug users with mental issues broadcasting from Mum's basement... also known as every other guitar channel on 'the tube'....

    Anyway, getting back on track...
    Nice guitars, everyone.
    I think you have to be a certain type of player to 'get away' with 'em though? I remember a British punk band back in the 70s - the UK Subs - whose guitarists played SGs - one a Standard, the other a Special - and they had an enormous sound.
    I can't get on with SGs - neck's too thin, body too thin etc. I'm too heavy handed with 'em. I just bend 'em in and out of tune anytime I've tried 'em - the guitar, not the strings!
    In the right hands, though... MAGNIFICENT!

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