I want new knobs, any idea ?

Discussion in 'Other Gibson Solid Bodies' started by GibSG, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. GibSG

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    I want to change the knobs on my SG
    First: is it a good idea ?
    What kind of knobs ? Thanks

  2. johnreardon

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    Firstly, I'm not sure why you think it wouldn't be a good idea. It's only you that can really decide whether you want to change something on a guitar.

    People may decide to change knobs to help them change things i.e. switch to so-called speed knobs or they may want to just change the look. The look on your sg is fine to me but it's down to want you think.

    As for finding them, just do a google search for Gibson SG knobs and you should find plenty of hits, hopefully sorted to your location.

    I bought some for a guitar a few years ago from eBay, so don't discount them. If you were US based, then I would suggest looking at Stewmac


    Good luck
  3. Jeffytune

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    Well, what I like and what you like will most surely be different.
    You see, on my White Les Paul studio, I didn't care for the stock knobs either, so I put these ones on.

    So I would say, leave them be.

    But, it's your guitar so........
  4. kaicho8888

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    Just make sure you get the knobs with the fine splines (24 CTS) for a Gibson.


    Check out "Angela Instruments" on-line. I think that they offer knobs that got to 11. Boost the sound of that axe a little.
  6. Jeffytune

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