IMPORTANT!!! What guitar is this and where can I get it?

Discussion in 'ES-sential Hollowbodies' started by kyletrick13, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. kyletrick13

    kyletrick13 New Member

    Got tagged in this video of Dave Grohl playing with guns and roses and the guitar Dave is playing is insane!!!!!! But what is it? It's like a 335 junior but I don't think it's a Gibson? Check out the pics.

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  2. 4thwisemonkey

    4thwisemonkey New Member

    f*** knows but I want one !
  3. kyletrick13

    kyletrick13 New Member

    It's a PSE custom, $1700 USD worth!!!

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  4. GibSG

    GibSG Member

    Nice luthier Gibson inspired, the binding on the headstock is cool.
  5. kaicho8888

    kaicho8888 Member

    Nice simple binding.

    The same pictures appear on PSE's websites.
  6. fpiper407

    fpiper407 New Member

    i believe it is a collings

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