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  1. The really useful thing about the rack is that it's not running a 'mega watt' power amp - just 20w a side - so it's good for any level of gig.
    Since the 'emulating vintage effects' craze took off a few years back, I've really got elbow deep in what the effects boxes are capable of. I just used basic delays and pitch shifting for a long time, but... the level of detail... I'd written some delay patches for my Dad for a Zoom G3 a few years back, proper detailed multitaps - eqs, distortions, four or five delay modules etc - to get authentic vintage tape delay sound. Did all the initial work on my DAW of all places, by just recording a DI 'sample' of a typical piece,breaking down what a vintage tape echo unit is - pre-amp/heads/tape - then replicating each one with basic plugins, stage by stage. Once I was happy with the results, it was just a case of 'translating' the numbers to fit his fx unit.
    For a laugh, I tried setting one of the patches on my own fx units... mincblowing! The only thing I can't recreate is the motor noise.
    Anyway, that approach to those patches, sound engineer/scientist rather than a guitarists approach... that applies to all emulation effects.

    It's more convenient to have it all in one box on stage, but when you're scratching your head for a sound away from the stage - home studio for example - put an EQ pedal and basic distortion/overdrive pedal together and twist the knobs a while.
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    I wholeheartedly agree. Keep it simple when you can. At home, I usually use 3 pedals (compressor, OD, and reverb) and then into a little Epiphone Valve Junior (which I judiciously modded). That's all I need to rehearse and entertain myself.
  3. Yeah.... what I meant though,,, when you have a couple of hours, try an EQ pedal and a distortion pedal together and experiment. Either way round, mess with the EQ settings. If you haven't tried it before, it'll be enlightening.
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    Gotcha. OK, I've never just whittled it down to those two and experimented, so I'll do that!
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    OK, I have experimented in that combination now! Thanks, it was very illuminating.

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