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    Hi all. my name is lee I'm from Westchester NY.i used to be partners here in a studio called Primetime Sound. It was the ultimate jobs used to love going to work. we had 4 rehearsal rooms a live room and a control room. a showcase room had a 30 foot stagehand we had a lounge with a bar.i have been collecting Les Pauls for years and at one time my room was full with 27 Pauls plus Strats and various other guitars. I currently have a 86 Prehistoric which was used by Richie Scarlet for the last 3 or 4 years he toured with Ace Frehley. Everybody who has played that guitar along with many members of bands Ace's band toured with or ran into have asked to buy it.It is absolutey the most amazing L.P. it has a neck that is just well I guess the only way to describe it is F@#$$ing amazing it plays like butter and has the sweetest tone.I was recently looking for a Waynes world Strat and came across a 2016 standard flame top that I bought immediately.It was to good of a deal to pass up. I also have a Ace Frehley model that has been heavily modified.i also own a Waynes world 1 and a Waynes world 2 Strat and tats it for now. My favorite amps are Fender blackface vibroluxes or the silver face with the silver drip trim going around the grill because they were only changed cosmetically, but the circuitry is still the same as the blackface.with the Sony red and gold labeled speakers in them,IMHO all you need is a vibrolux a Les Paul and if you really want a tube screamer and your set. The sound you can get from that set up is to me as good as anything you here.so that's it for me and my introduction to the site.Oh I also along with a partner own a pretty nice P.A. system and we are available for any size gig you might need a system for you can call me at 203 2163171 thanks

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    Very nice harem you have there. Welcome to Gibson Talk.

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    Most excellent, Lee! Welcome to Gibson-Talk, and you sure have some beauties there with you.
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    Hi Lee and welcome to this place. Nice guitars.

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