Les Paul toggle switch wiring

Discussion in 'ES-sential Hollowbodies' started by bigbadjohn999, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. bigbadjohn999

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    I bought a El Degas Les Paul before I bought it the vendor played it and everything worked I could not play as my arm is in a cast
    when I got home I took it out of the case and the toggle switch fell to pieces
    I bought a used Epiphone toggle switch I think and can't figure out the wiring, I have a new one on order from China but did not want to wait

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    There are bound to be schematics available. Search those.
  3. jimilee

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  4. SAguitar

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    There ya go, Big Bad John!
  5. MitchMiami

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    On the third bullet point should the word pot be cap? Thanks

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  6. jimilee

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    It looks like it’s referring to the cap on the bass pot. So, yes, kind of.

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  7. SAguitar

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    The pots are almost always 500k, so yeah they are talking about varying the capacitor values to alter the amount of treble rolloff they effect.

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