LG2 Trash or Treasure?

Discussion in 'Gibson Acoustic Forum' started by MarkNew, Nov 16, 2018.

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    Hi -

    I have a guitar that has been sitting for years but, recently, I have an interest in playing it so I have been working on it slowly. It was given to me and it is covered in dust. I do not play guitar...yet. Then I decided to Google it and found out that it may be some kind of classic. When I did my inquiry, I noticed that it might be worth something so I thought that I would ask the forum for an opinion.

    The guitar that I have is a Gibson LG2-ADJ that is almost exactly like the one on Reverb at (https://reverb.com/p/gibson-lg-2-acoustic-guitar) except, it is in very rough shape. The guitar was given to me and all that I wanted to do was just play it but it has three problems. The worst problem is that the neck was busted in half right at the nut. It was repaired using Elmer's glue a long time before I got it and it was a horrible job with three steel 10\32 round-head bolts right through the neck to reinforce the glue. Since I did not know the possible value of the item, I have fixed it and I think that I did a pretty good job. Unfortunately, since it already had the screw-holes I had to put something in there so I used brass instead. At least they look better.

    The next problem is that is has a hairline fracture running through the grain of the body. It starts at the sound hole and runs right along the length of the pick guard to the bridge. It is almost invisible and I did not even notice it until I started to clean the guitar. It will probably hurt the sound of the box but I do not think that it hurt the integrity of the wood because the sound hole and the bridge stop the crack from running end to end

    The last problem is the bridge which seems to be warped, loose or floating on the left side. The right side falls flush and firm against the body but the left side seems to curled up very, very slightly.

    Everything else about the guitar seems to be in good shape other than bumps and scratches. What I am wondering is does the guitar have enough value left in it to warrant having it repaired professionally?

    I will probably play it either way just to learn on it but I thought that I would ask for your thoughts considering the possible value of the instrument. Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you,
  2. The value went out the window when somebody took a drill to the head repair.
    Head breaks are not uncommon on Gibsons and while they aren't ideal from a valuation standpoint, if they're repaired properly, they're usually stronger than they were before the break and it hurts the value less than a complete refinish of the guitar could.
    My advice... get it playable and play it.
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    It is worth having a pro make it right, depending on if you like the sound. LG-2s aren’t for everyone. That said, the soundboard crack should be repaired but that’s usually an inexpensive repair if done purely as a functional and not a cosmetic repair. Check the bridge to see if it is wood or one of the plastic ones Gibson used c.1962-66 or so. If it’s plastic you want to replace it with a good wood one that fits @nd looks right. The neck repairs .... eh. If ut ever starts to fail, have a good luthier splice it together with wood and get rid of the wood screws. LG-2s have gone up steadily and this one deserves some respect.

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