Minor scratch in 1966 epi reissue

Discussion in 'The Epi Center' started by Avenger0047, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. Avenger0047

    Avenger0047 New Member

    can i get it out?

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  2. SAguitar

    SAguitar Active Member

    Yeah, you could probably buff it out, but why don't ya just play it some more so you can get some more scratches?
  3. Avenger0047

    Avenger0047 New Member

    Cause she hasn't earned her scratches ;)
  4. Infant

    Infant Active Member

    Is it a scuff or is it actually a dent in the wood? If it's a dent, you can't do much I'm sorry to say.
  5. Avenger0047

    Avenger0047 New Member

    As far as I can tell Its just a scratch in the lacquer that doesnt go down to the wood.
  6. Infant

    Infant Active Member

    In the photo it appears that the wood has also been dented. It may just be the glare but you have to realize that if it's lacquer, it'll be pretty thin.

    Get some Meguiars swirl remover and try to buff it out. If that doesn't work, just leave it and consider it a battle scar!

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  7. Avenger0047

    Avenger0047 New Member

    It must be the glare cause I had the flash on, Its nearly impossible to see without light
  8. Avenger0047

    Avenger0047 New Member

    https://imgur.com/GlXAA7D Picture with no light, EDIT I dont even know if its lacquer tbh The spec says its gloss but I know thats not specific enough.
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  9. indianation65

    indianation65 Active Member

    Cherish it, make more, and put some scuffs and dents in for good measure.

    It needs the love!

  10. DrumBob

    DrumBob New Member

    If that's the only imperfection on your guitar, consider yourself lucky. Just ignore it, and if you don't mind my advice, don't be so obsessive about it. Guitars that get played eventually get bumps, scrapes, dents and scratches. It's no big deal, and if it is that big a deal to you, nothing anybody can say will change your mind.
  11. jimilee

    jimilee Member

    Sounds like you should play it right away then! You can buff it out, but I’m pretty sure another one will happen pretty quickly afterwords. Check out YouTube though, it’s a wealth of info.

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  12. SAguitar

    SAguitar Active Member

    I'm always a little relieved to get past that first scratch. It hurts a little for awhile, but then you never have to worry about that one again. She will earn the badges.
  13. Infant

    Infant Active Member

    Yup, the first one always hurts. When I had some work done on my Martin, it came back with a minor scratch on the headstock. I was pissed...until I put a bigger scratch on the top, just under the bridge. That one hurt cuz it was MY FAULT!!!!

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  14. Biddlin

    Biddlin Member

    Virtuoso cleaner and polish will take the scratch out.
  15. SAguitar

    SAguitar Active Member

    Yeah, buddy, Virtuoso is the good stuff.

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