most embarrasing moment?

Discussion in 'Les's Living Room' started by Old Tom, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. Old Tom

    Old Tom New Member

    Anyone care to talk about their worst(is that a word?")moment on stage
    when you were gigging?Seems like a good way to meet some new friends..
    Ill save mine for's a doozy....


    More frustrating than embarrasing, I had just handed my SG to a fellow band mate, in the middle of a song (his LP had a serious tuning problem), when he turned back to the mike and slammed the neck of my guitar into the mick stand. Instant decapatation.
    And after ending the set rather abbruptly, he asked if I had another guitar he could borrow. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo way!!!!!!!!
  3. Old Tom

    Old Tom New Member

    you really used your head on that one(no pun intended) that boy may have
    been on a roll, and broke every one you handed him! Thanks for the story, amigo...
  4. Infant

    Infant Active Member

    Had to be 30 years ago when I was about 70 lbs lighter We were playing at a festival, probably 1500 people there. The stage was set up with numerous risers. So I was taking a solo and was standing on one of the risers. As the solo ended I had to get down to the mic to start singing. So I jumped off the riser and my forward momentum took me face first into my mic. Got a huge shiner in my left eye. Luckily, I stopped at that point as the stage ended about 3 feet in front of my mic stand and dropped about 5 feet to the floor.

    A few years ago I went to a Springsteen concert and he fell forward while trying to jump onto a riser. Landed on his beautiful sunburst Tele Custom and broke the neck. After that, I didn't feel so embarrassed and at least my guitar suffered no damage.

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  5. johnreardon

    johnreardon Active Member

    Mine was more shocking than embarrassing.

    Back in the 60s, I had injured my leg, which meant it was encased in plaster up to me knee. Not broken, but the leg had to have a plaster of Paris on for a few weeks. As we gigged a lot back then, it meant I had to play the gigs sitting on a chair.

    One gig I broke my top E string and it fell down and managed to touch the live pins of the plugs we use in the UK. The plug hadn't been pushed tight into the socket. If I had been standing, it wouldn't have happened.

    We had a homemade junction box, made out of an old Dansette record player. You can about see it in the pic, behind the singer with 'GENTS' written on it.

    Anyway, the resultant shock broke my guitar strap, the guitar went flying off a few feet in front of me and my left hand was tingling like ****.

    The audience thought it was part of the act, but it wasn't. We had to take a break for me to recover and also change the fuses as they had blown.

    I was really lucky, only a few years afterwards, Les Harvey, a guitarist with Stone the Crows, was electrocuted on stage and sadly didn't survive.

  6. Infant

    Infant Active Member

    Yikes!!! That's pretty scary...especially since you guys are on 220V over there!

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  7. johnreardon

    johnreardon Active Member

    It was Rob. We are actually on around 240, although the 'official' rate now is 230. It was 240 in the 60s, but they seem to have dropped it slightly. Probably the EU has stolen 10 volts from us. :biggrin:
  8. Old Tom

    Old Tom New Member

    Thanks for the input,'s amazing how most of our blunders are considered by
    the crowd , to be "part of the act"...Every time I see a band breaking and smashing
    their guitars, I think"why not just give them to a young person to help them get started"" totally idiotic....
  9. Infant

    Infant Active Member

    So Tom, c'mon, spill the beans. What happened in your case?

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  10. Old Tom

    Old Tom New Member

    We were playing a gig up in Hayward Calif(north of Oakland) in the late 60's.The guest
    star was Tommy Collins, riding a popularity wave having just written 3 #1 songs for
    Merle Haggard.Our lead singer had just finished" Bad Moon Rising" by CCR.
    I finished it up with a guitar riff, and turned around just in time to see my Fender amp
    topple off the chair..that wonderful, beautiful spring-reverb did just what it was designed to do-it reverberated, and it reverberated and it REVERBERATED! The bass player went about 3 feet straight up in the air, the drummer lost his sticks, and I stood there looking like a kid caught in the cookie jar. It sounded like the gates of Hell had opened up, and all creation was being drawn down into its blistering depths.Again, amazingly enough, the crowd thought it was "part of the show"the amp, strangely enough was not damaged..But I needed a drink ! Just glad it happened at the end of the song instead of in the middle!
  11. johnreardon

    johnreardon Active Member

    My band supported the Who back in Jan 1966 and the act isn't quite what people think. Just before the song when Pete was going to smash his guitar (I think it was a Strat or Tele, I can't remember), the roadies swapped what he was playing for another guitar that looked the same, however the body was a cheap old thing. Essentially it was just a proper neck and electronics stuck on cheap wood.

    After he smashed it, the roadies went round picking up the usable bits so they could make another up for the next show.

    Some of the cabs they had on stage didn't appear to have speakers, as they were quite light for 4x12s, so I guess it was those that he stuck his guitar through.

    It doesn't bother me what they do with their stuff. They have done enough for charity over the years, particularly Roger. It was only part of their act.
  12. Old Tom

    Old Tom New Member

    I was at a county fair, few years back-this group had set up on a flat-bed trailer...they were doing "johnny Be Good". The singer decided
    to do a duck-walk, a la Chuck Berry, as the crowd roared it's approval.He turned around and made another pass,cheesing at the crowd, and diddy-bopped right off that trailer...a few scrapes and bruises, but his
    dignity prob suffered irrepairable damage.I laughed till I cried......

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