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Discussion in 'ES-sential Hollowbodies' started by Eagle1, Mar 24, 2018.

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    I recently purchased a new ES335 from a seller on ebay. The guitar is great but it came with a chip in the pick guard. The seller is not an authorized Gibson dealer but buys his stock from an authorized Gibson dealer. He has had no luck in getting his supplier to send a genuine replacement. All they were able to supply was a cheap eight dollar 'Allparts' knockoff. I called Gibson customer service and they said there is nothing they can do. They don't supply replacement parts. I scoured ebay and the internet and while there are literally dozens of genuine Gibson Les Paul pick guards available, there are no ES335 guards available anywhere. Does anyone know if I left any stones unturned? I'd really like to have a perfect replacement rather than a 'touched up' one. :(

    I'm beginning to understand why Gibson is in so much financial trouble. I'll never buy another Gibson product, ever!
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    Hi and welcome to this place.

    Gibson, like many some other large manufacturers may not offer all parts as accessories. People like Allparts and Stewmac sell bits and pieces at prices that the manufacturers cannot compete against.

    Gibson is an assembly line manufacturer of guitars just like vehicle manufacturers. They do not manufacture many parts that go into a Gibson Guitar, they contract with a supplier.

    They don't have a facility to make pickguards, pickup rings, tuner buttons and control knobs.

    Aftermarket parts houses such as AllParts, have the resources to know who those OEM parts suppliers are, and buy the same (or better) products. As I said, other large manufacturers will do the same.

    I have just done a google search for 'gibson es335 pickguards' and got about 368,000 results, many of which claim they offer pickguards.

    I would just look for those places in your country that have something of the price and quality you want.®+PUVUTndBRE14b0RkalZIWnZKSGM

    Good luck
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    I've bought from guitar parts resource and they provide excellent quality parts.

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    Really Eagle1, don't get so twisted over a little thing like this pickguard. Just find yourself a suitable replacement and move on. What you have encountered is one of the risks involved when buying from a source that is not a licensed Gibson dealer. Had you gone that route, the dealer would have been obligated to take care of the problem.
  5. Eagle1

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    You re right, I touched it up with a little white paint and it'll be fine......
  6. SAguitar

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    All's well that ends well! May you play it long, loud, and in good health.

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