New cell phone grrrrrrr!!!!!

Discussion in 'Les's Living Room' started by Infant, Aug 5, 2018.

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    My son just bought a new iPhone yesterday and he gave me his old one to replace my old Samsung S2. Well let me tell you, I had a hell of a time setting it up. It's been a while since I've had to set up my different emails and in some cases, forgot or lost the passwords. So I set out to try to symplify the password problem by making them all the same....until I got to the last account. On that one I had to use upper and lowercase and numbers like all the others but here they also wanted a SYMBOL ($/=%& etc). So now this screws up my idea of keeping the same passwords on my emails and social media sites (banking sites are totally different).

    Then I had to update 3 devices plus my computer (which I haven't even done yet). I have a Samsung tablet for everyday use, an old BlackBerry Playbook that I keep upstairs in my nightstand next to my bed and my "new" iPhone. Every one of them rejected the new password that I typed in. I finally figured out the best way to set up my email accounts on all 3 devices was to delete my accounts and start from scratch. I have 4 accounts....personal email, work email, Hotmail and Gmail for when websites ask for email info. Anyway, after trying things for a few hours last night, I went to bed and tried again this morning. Spent another couple of hours until I finally got things up and running. Holy crap!! If I knew it was gonna be this much of a pain, I would have kept my 7 yr old samsung phone. I work with computers and i upload and download stuff every day so I'm not totally computer illiterate. Anyone else ever had trouble getting their new phone or tablet up and running or am i just stupid?? [emoji32]

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    I find it extremely easy Rob. I wait until my son visits and get him to do it.
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    Funny, but my son was getting pi$$ed off setting up his phone...he's very impatient and it was taking a while to move his info from one to the other through the icloud and he was worried that he was going to lose everything. So when I started doing mine, he got involved too, but I saw that he wasn't in a good state of mind. So I told him to leave it alone and that I would do it.

    As I stated, he gave me his old phone. However, his GF also gave my wife her old iPhone too. My wife's old phone was even older that mine!! I think it was a "thank you" for all the help and work we did on their house. Anyway, his GF set up my wife's phone in no time at all. Then she helped him finish setting up his phone. By then, I was done with the transfer of info from my old phone and I figured the rest would be easy. So they went home and I decided to finish up. Hence, my previous post! Anyway, all is good now and I am really happy as my old Samsung phone was getting very slow.

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    Whew! Sounds like a major tech challenge! Hope it's all going well now!
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    To make things even worse, the used phone that my son picked up for himself broke down after 6 hours and the guy only offered to give him back 50% of what he paid. So we let my daughter loose on him ( we call her "the fixer"). She found out he works for one of these cellular places in the local mall and when they met up with him again, they videotaped the entire conversation with him as well as his vehicle and plate number and they basically told him they were going to the!!! He gave my son all his money back. It seems he takes broken phones, semi repairs them and then sells them online.

    Don't mess with my daughter is all I can say! [emoji4]

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    Most excellent! I'm glad there are still some fighting for justice in this world.

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