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Discussion in 'Other Gibson Solid Bodies' started by jtees4, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. jtees4

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    I have owned probably 15 SG's over the years (old guy alert)....but I didn't have one for the last year, and I have been wanting one again for awhile. So I ended up getting a 2011 SG Special (NOT FADED). I added chrome covers which I had already from a previous SG. I did plan on installing a 498T that I have from a previous build in the bridge but will hold off for awhile....the guitar plays and sounds great as it is. I believe this has a granadillo fretboard (very red, can't see in pix)....I like the feel of it, similar to rosewood, maybe a tad harder and smoother. I also wanted to own a Gibson again since they are having financial difficulties, although I personally don't think the company is going anywhere.

  2. Biddlin

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    Too sexy! I love granadillo's look. Congrats
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    Very nice! Congrats!
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    Thanks all! I had a few minutes to really play it hard for the first time this morning, I have to say I love it! I think it may be the newest (latest year) Gibson I've owned 2011....and no quality control issues at all, pleasantly surprised. Fret ends done really well, super smooth you don't even feel them. My first Gibson with the pcb, doesn't bother me at all, in fact i like the way it makes the control cavity look so clean and neat. Sure, it adds a layer if I choose to change pickups...but I'm pretty sure I won't based on the way it sounds right now. Very happy to be back in the SG family.
  6. SAguitar

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    Welcome back to the SG Family! We need a few more good souls. That is a beauty, and deserves to be played hard and loud. I got my Faded Special out of its case last night and gave it a good thrashing.
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  7. My335

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    Speaking of SG's...Anyone here (besides me) old enough to remember John Cipollina's (Quicksilver Messenger Service) set-up? He had two Standell amps, three Fender Twins, two Banshee horns and four trumpets (!), all wired directly to the pots of his axe. When he cranked it up and hit high notes it felt like the fillings in my teeth were going to fall out.
  8. SAguitar

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    Oh man, yes, those were the days. Big walls of sound, and we got pummeled by the decibels. I am a bit surprised that any of can still hear anything at all.

    I remember once when I saw another great SG band, Blue Cheer, as a trio, and I think I counted over 40 speaker cabs behind them. I don't know if all of them were actually working, but it was impressive.
  9. Biddlin

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    " I saw another great SG band, Blue Cheer, as a trio, and I think I counted over 40 speaker cabs behind them."
    Dickie Peterson was my buddy. I was at more of their sound checks than I can remember. One in Sacramento was particularly memorable. The PA guy was trying to mic up everything for a big dance hall called "The Parapow Palace Saloon." They had peanut shells and sawdust on the floor to soak up fluids. When the band got on stage they started doing a sound check and everyone was happy except Dickie. "Gimme some more bass. More....Gimme ******** bass until it punches Biddlin in the sack and makes him puke on the ********* floor." What a great time to live in NorCal.
  10. SAguitar

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    That's a awesome story, Biddlin! Really, those were great times. I lived in Fresno back then and used to ride my chopper all over CA, catching great events in Frisco, Sacramento, everywhere. Concerts were cheap and plentiful, and volume was king.
  11. My335

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    Ha! I knew all those Blue Cheer guys, and Voco, who managed them. My old band played a few gigs with them. The only light in their kitchen was a bare 100-watt bulb. At that time they were still working with Marshall stacks, and those were already beyond loud. I once went to see them at the Straight Theater three nights in a row, trying to "get it." I never did. Ehhhh, sonny? What's that you say. I'm a little hard of hearing. LOL!

    After Leigh moved to the UK, he came back to SF and was interviewed on KSAN. When they asked if he planned to move back here, he replied no way. So as not to get political here with what he said (though I remember it verbatim), he cited a certain national malaise from which we still suffer. And that was 1970.

    Saw Dickie at the Summer of Love 40th in GG Park. Pix are on my main frame, but I'll eventually get them up here. I really *am* old enough to have seen all the cool bands.
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  12. Billy C

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    Boy that be one fine looking SG. My one and only is a 2012 SG Classic I think I might have the twin to it only mine is heritage cherry, has a B-5 Bigsby on it, and a TonePro TPR6 bridge.................

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    Congrats, not a big Special fan, but that's a beauty! Definitely prefer the gloss finishes!
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