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  1. Stardate: 20190108...
    As previously reported, replaced the standard p/ups with a pair of zebra coil Tonerider AC2s. Fitted a pair of raw nickel covers at the weekend - not a fan of the open coil look on a semi.
    Having gotten used to how it looked with zebras, it now doesn't look like 'my guitar' - goddammit, does this mean I'm 'in touch with my feminine side'??? Nevertheless, they're staying!
    I AM loving the 'non-shininess' of them. Heving been a chemist in the plating industry for over 20 years, I'm now pondering obtaining a little hydrochloric acid to strip the chrome from the hardware, to expose the nickel plate.
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    Hey kids, don't try this at home! We are trained professionals here and nearly know what we're doing.
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