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Discussion in 'ES-sential Hollowbodies' started by John Blund, May 7, 2018.

  1. John Blund

    John Blund New Member

    I wonder if anyone has tried the Luther Dickinson ES-335 (P-90 equipped ES-355)? I love the looks of this guitar but need to understand how it compares to a normal "PAF-style" ES (335/345 etc) and also compared with the ES-330 (P90).

    How does the LD ES-335 sound and feel compared to a traditional Humbucker ES-semi hollow. How does it compare to the ES-330 (full hollowbody). Will the LD work good for rock-music or other styles or maybe just best suited for blues?

    Any opinions are appreciated!
  2. johnreardon

    johnreardon Active Member

    Hi John and welcome to this place. Never played the guitar you mention but I do have both a 335 and an R6 with P90s.

    P90 equipped guitars do sound a little different to humbuckers when gigging, but the biggest difference is going to be the hum. Not really an issue at gig volumes, you just have to remember to cut the volume in between songs due to the hum.

    330s for me are bot that viable because of of the feedback you get from hollow guitars. Accompanied with the P90 hum, it would be a challenge. However, they are great guitars.

    Having said that, any guitar will play any genre of music so the best advice is to try the guitar and see if it's for you.

    Good luck
  3. John Blund

    John Blund New Member

    Hi John,
    Thank you for your reply. It will be a challenge to find a LD 335 here in the shops, but your thoughts about the hum-issue is something I've been thinking about as well... I haven't really tried myself any p90-guitar, but I do own a couple of Gretsch guitars with HiLo-trons that I belive have the same issue with the hum-noice, but in the same time they sound "origanic" and "open" somehow that I like. I don't have much experience with semi-hollow and feel curious about the semi-hollow/p90-combo. Hope to get a chance to try one of these at some point.

    Good point regarding the 330 and P-90 and feedback issues. I guess in that sense it would be preferable getting a LD 335 with p90 rather than a es330.

    Thank you for your time!
  4. johnreardon

    johnreardon Active Member

    John, it really depends on whether you intend gigging the guitar and at what volume. You can get feedback from any semi-hollow guitar, such as 335, particularly in small stage areas such as you get in pubs. You just learn to control it with guitar volumes.

    The P90s I have owned all sounded great, especially the R6 I currently have. However, they have all been solid guitars. There's no real reason why they shouldn't sound good in a 335 based guitar, it's just whether you want to face the extra challenges of feedback as well as hum.

    If it was me, I would stick to a humbucker 335 if I couldn't try a P90 one beforehand.
  5. John Blund

    John Blund New Member

    Thanks for your reply! I'll keep my eyes and ears open. I play mostly at home. I also read that newer P90 pickups are better with that hum-noise problem, not sure if I understood that correctly...but if both pickups are used together then there isn't any noise. The LD is equipped with those pickups (I think).

    Best regards
  6. SAguitar

    SAguitar Active Member

    Yes, if two P90s are RWRP configuration, they will buck the hum to a good extent when used together. You won't know until you try them if they are good for you. I happen to be one of the few that have never fallen in love with P90s, I've tried, but I'm just a humbucker kind of guy I guess. I do have a few semi-hollow body guitars that I love, they are wonderful instruments. Good luck in your search!
  7. johnreardon

    johnreardon Active Member

    You don't notice the noise at gig volumes. In it's in between numbers that it's noticeable unless you turn guitar volume down. The noise is still there on my R6 when using the middle position
  8. John Blund

    John Blund New Member

    Thank you for great replies!

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