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    PAF=patient applied for harkens back to Gibsons earliest forerays into guitar electronics They are my current favorite style thoughI haven't whittle em down to "FAVORITE, NUMERAL UNO!!"..
    So; I have this dilemma.. What's good, better, best??
    I have three sets that I've yet to try and I am trying to figure where they'd go best.
    Seymour Duncan's Alinco ll Pro Slash.,, Seymour Duncans Pearly Gates.. And Dimarzio's PAF Master bridge DP261 and DP 260N.
    I have a DP260 neck in my Epiphone LP Special and think its great!!
    At present I am thinking of putting them either in a Telecaster, maple setneck, ..or;
    A special that I have a couple of necks to finish and decide between..or
    A Walnut HH Stratocaster body That I am waiting completion from the builder... All the above is open for change.
    Some input and opinions on the PAF's appreciated
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    It's what you like!

    Over the years I've swopped pickups again and again and my conclusion is - they may be "different" but "better" is very subjective so it's what sounds good to you. Unfortunately we are subject to all manner of articles and opinions and "beliefs" from so-called experts and those who want to sell product.

    That said - Gibson, Seymour and DiMarzio all make good product but who makes the "correct" PAF? A magazine article interviewing Seth Lover - the creator - had him saying; "Son! We wound them till they were full!" Which kind of defeats those experts who claim to know exact ratios of turns etc.

    My personal opinion. Gibson pickups a Gibson! Never had a bad Seymour; they are very well made a bit more "Hi Fi!" And Di-Marzio -well they have a bit more grunt. The one PAF I didn't like was a "Kent Armstrong designed" oriental clone - rather thin and weak IMHO.

    Then of course there's magnets. Experts will tell you its got to be Alnico II but Gibson did use what they had at the time and my Memphis 345 has one II in the bridge and a lovely IV in the neck. Got rid of my LP traditional as the assymetric '61 pickups sounded bad to me.

    So! I think the PAF magic thing is a bit of snake oil - let your ears be the judge.
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    There are so many great pickup winders out there, it is very hard to even find a bad one!

    Here's one you might not have even heard of, try Zhangbucker and see what that gentleman has to offer. He has some great options.

    I currently run a variety of Gibson and Seymour Duncan pickups and I also have a pair of Jim Wagner's pups that are outstanding. And like the man said, pickup selection is at least as personally subjective as amplifiers! Enjoy the quest!
  4. It's an old thread, but I had to pipe in.
    "PAFs" were the humbuckers made from '57 to '61ish, when they got the Patent. They went in everything Gibson put a humbucker in during that time. Thanks to production inconsistencies, oarts availability and spec changes there are great ones, average ones and cr@p ones.
    They apparently just wound coils all day and whoever was screwing a pickup together just grabbed a couple of random coils a magnet and the various other bits and put it all together.
    Once they organised/automated the process and standardised the parts, the mojo was lost.
    There is no definitive PAF sound and since nobody has the balls to make pickups to that degree of randomness, nobody - not even Gibson - makes them like they used to. The best you can hope for is you'll get a pickup that sounds like the one(s) the builder has had access to.
    Your options are keep buying and trying until you find one you like, but don't be under any illusion that it sounds exactly like every 'PAF' made, because it doesn't.
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