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    Hey Guys

    recently picked up a 1990 SG and are looking for an ID of the Pickups and electrics that were fitted at the time, the seller told me the pickups where from a Orville by Gibson 335 and the electrics came with the pickups he bought to put in the 335. I’m looking for an ID, age , part number etc etc of the pickups so I can see if there worth hanging on to or not? Also are the electrics worth hanging on to?

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    Those don't look like Orville pickups from what I can find out. Orville did not seem to use a brass back plate, but one that looked more like steel than what you have there. Of course it is possible that Orville did contract some pickups made like that. So I don't know for sure what brand of pickups those are, but if they sound good then they are good.

    The pots on that control plate are obviously labeled Gibson so they are likely made by CTS and are high quality potentiometers. However, the wiring does not look factory stock.

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