Playing a gig with my old band today

Discussion in 'Les's Living Room' started by Infant, Jun 24, 2018.

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    I have a gig later today with my old original band. Although weve played as a 5pc band in the past year, we hadn't played together as a full 6 pc unit for almost 2 years. We started rehearsing about 3 weeks ago. First 3 songs we tried were "Does anybody really know what time it is?" and "Beginnings" both by Chicago as well as "Soul Man". Nailed them all on the first try!!! I really missed the horns in the last band I played with and I'm hoping that this band can start playing a bit more often.

    Luckily I am now out of that other band and it is now just the drummer and rhythm guitar player and whoever they can get to fill in. The bass player and I left the band at the end of April. We gave them almost 4 months to find replacements. In the meantime, their keyboard player fell ill back in early March and so I asked our keyboard player to fill in for a few gigs. The drummer (leader) decided that he wanted to keep our keyboard player (without asking him) and never checked up on the other guy (who then felt like he'd been kicked out). End of April came and the three of us, who formed the vocal nucleus of both bands, left. As bad as things were in that band, we still had fun playing the music. They have since found a guitar player and our bass player filled in on one gig last week but they no longer have a keyboard player. He said it sounded quite rough as it became a "guitar" band with no keys and 2 vocalists instead of 4. In fact, the rhythm player told the drummer and my bass player that they sounded pathetic and she wished that we were all still with the band!! One day, she too will realize that this guy only wants to get gigs and who cares about the music.

    In the meantime, right after we played the last gig with these guys, the entertainment coordinator at the Legion walked up to the 3 of us and told us that we were one of the best bands they've had. We explained that we were just filling in but we would like to get our own band in there. They problem was that although the 3 of us had no problem getting paid $70 each per gig, the others in our band were in a time warp and felt that we should be getting at least $120 minimum like we did 20-30 years ago. So we spoke to our guys and told them that they can either sit on their butts and let their instruments collect dust or we can go out and play once a month and look at it as "getting paid $70 each to practice". Otherwise, the 3 of us would find another drummer and we could easily get away playing as a 4pc. These are easy gigs to play and require very little setup. We don't need the "Neil Peart" drum kit...just keep it simple and small They saw our point.

    So we are now putting more effort into getting bookings, just trying for one per month so that we can keep up the chops. We'll see how this goes. Wish us luck!!

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    All the best Rob. Every musician needs to play with others. It's not the money, it's expressing yourself at gigs that I love.
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    Keep on keepin' the faith, Rob! Yes, it's about the passion and playing, and not the money.
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    Hope it goes great.
  5. Infant

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    Actually, it went better than expected. The horns just add so much....I really missed them when I was in the other band. I'm so glad that we are trying to make a go of it again.

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