PLEASE HELP.. 1947 / 1948 Gibson J-45 ??? Very Unique Situation

Discussion in 'Gibson Acoustic Forum' started by Proxima8624, May 4, 2016.

  1. Proxima8624

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    I have a Gibson J-45 that was handed down to me and i'm having trouble dating and valuing the guitar as its quite unique from all the rest out there. It appears to have the older script logo underneath the block style Gibson logo and a 2 on the back of the headstock as a factory second. From what ive read i'm assuming it's either a 1947 or 1948 as that's when the logo transition occurred. It also has no FON and the tuning machines and bridge match that time frame. Its been very well taken care of with its strings loose and no cracks going through but one of the internal bracings has lifted ever so slightly. Any info would be greatly appreciated in helping me determine its history or value as i cant find another one like it!. Thanks, Matt

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  2. johnreardon

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    Nice looking guitar

    have you tried contacting Gibson? Just send them some pics and if they can help, they will. They may not have records back to 40s though.
  3. Proxima8624

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    Thank you very much for the suggestion. I contacted them yesterday after reading your message and emailed over some pictures. Was told ill have a response within 48 hours. Crossing my fingers on some good news as i would realy like to sell this guitar to someone that can apreciate it more than I!! Thanks again
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    Wow Beautiful J-45!

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  5. old mark

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    The old "Factory Seconds" did not get serial numbers, but most of the "flaws" are very hard to find and would not affect the playability or sound of the guitar. It's a great old Gibson and I hope you enjoy it!
  6. ajay

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    It could be a J35. With no Banner, it could be.

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