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    just bought a marshall dsl 15h head and a 1922 cab how can I connect them to use both speakers head has two 8ohm outs and a 16 ohm cab has 2 16ohm and a 8ohm iv only ever had combos so im lost here


    Wire the two 16 ohm speakers in parallel. That will give you an eight ohm load.
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    The cab should be wired in parallel. The 1922 cab has two 16 ohm speakers and it has two input options, mono and stereo. The mono input is the two speakers wired in parallel to give 8 ohms.

    If you have a stereo amp, which the DSL isn't, then you would have two use both inputs at the ohmage marked on the cab.

    So just use the mono input and plug to your 8 ohm output

    From the manual

    Some of our 2x12" cabinets are fitted with a Mono/Stereo selection plate on the back. This enables you to split the cabinet into two halves for use with a stereo set-up if you so desire.
    Mono usage:
    Use the input marked MONO (2), the impedance of which is clearly indicated above the jack.
    Stereo usage:
    Use both inputs (1 & 2). Once again the impedance of each is clearly marked.

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