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Discussion in 'Forum Operations, Issues and Suggestions' started by Gibson-Talk, May 9, 2003.

  1. Gibson-Talk

    Gibson-Talk Administrator

    Use this forum to notify the webmaster of any problems you are having. Or to make a suggestion.

    Paul Green
  2. ab

    ab New Member

    Different Login names


    When I tried to log in here this morning I found out that when I changed my login name on TDPRI from ab to Andy B it didn't change it here on the Gibson site. Can you change it for me since it wouldn't let me change it myself?
    I prefer to use Andy B here as well if possible. Let me know!

  3. Gibson-Talk

    Gibson-Talk Administrator


    The TDPRI and the GDPRI are totally separate and changes there are never reflected here.

    Also, usernames were changable on the TDPRI for a short while but that function has been turned off due to hackers.

    As a result usernames are not changable either here or there and I can't change them either.

  4. lonewolf2

    lonewolf2 New Member

    :?: how do i post a picture :?:
    i try to follow the directions in the box ,
    butt it doesnt seem to work for me,
    please help .
  5. blind radish

    blind radish New Member

    Hey Paul,

    I have been unable to get into TDPRI since early saturday morning. Plus I got a wierd e-mail from TDPRI

    that I can e-mail to you if you wish ... like somebody hacked in

    now when I got to TDPRI I get this message

    Disabled by Timehost - Sorry for the inconvenience.

    I see this forum is up and alive.
  6. Gibson-Talk

    Gibson-Talk Administrator

  7. hans-jürgen

    hans-jürgen New Member

    Is it only me, or do others have problems with the usual automatic login, too? It seems that the cookie management doesn't work properly here, because I'm asked to login each time I visit the "new posts" page when coming back the next day. I have cookies enabled in my browser and don't have this problem with the Telecaster forum or elsewhere.
  8. Joe-Bob

    Joe-Bob New Member

    You have to click on the box where it says, "log in automatically each time I visit" or something to that effect.
  9. hans-jürgen

    hans-jürgen New Member

    I would if only the redirected login page had such a box. :?

    OK, I logged out and was redirected to the index page which had the option to login automatically. Maybe my problem is solved now...
  10. Gibson-Talk

    Gibson-Talk Administrator

    You could have corrupted cookies.

    If so, just delete both the and cookies. You could have a total of 4 with www and without www.

    Then the next time you logon select the "automatic" option and you should be good to go.

    This frequently happens for many odd reasons.

    Good Luck.
  11. hans-jürgen

    hans-jürgen New Member

    It seems that my logout/login has worked. Maybe it's possible to add the box for automatic login on the redirected login page, too, so it's not necessary to logout and choose that option on the index page?
  12. dadm

    dadm New Member

    this sight is getting kind of lonely. let's all try to get more people to get on. Come on Come on!
  13. Gibson-Talk

    Gibson-Talk Administrator

    Readership here varies up and down. December was up but January is down.

    The more people post... the more people will post.

    Thanks for the effort!!
  14. Jerry Hayes

    Jerry Hayes New Member

    Newbie with a problem....

    I'm new on this Forum but I can't post any pictures. The layout of your forum and the way to post photos looks the same but when I go through the motions, it always comes back and says that my file is too big and over the 1200 X 1200 limit. I've always been able to post on TDPRI and the Steel Guitar Forum with no problem......

    If I go to "My Pictures" and bring up the photos and try to make them smaller then will they be too small for the other Forums? I'm not a computer whiz as it took me 2 or 3 years to be able to start posting pictures............JH in Va.
  15. Gibson-Talk

    Gibson-Talk Administrator

    1200 by 1200 is huge. Its too big for the TDPRI. I don't now about the Steel Guitar Forum.

    Make your photos 800 by 600 and they'll still be jumbo sized.
  16. hans-jürgen

    hans-jürgen New Member

    Hi Paul, I just noticed in my "live videos" thread in Les's Living Room that the new feature of automatically embedding videos when you insert a link to it in the forum only works with YouTube clips at the moment, not with MyspaceTV clips. Probably you can't do anything about it, but I wanted to let you know in case someone else is wondering why his Myspace videos are not embedded.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2009
  17. Gibson-Talk

    Gibson-Talk Administrator

    Hey Hans, glad to see you back. We've missed you around here.

    At some point we'll work to add other video types to the Auto Embed feature. Hopefully in the next month or so, if we got some time. There are some enhancements out there but I haven't had a chance to check them out yet.

    Thanks and again, good to see you.
  18. nevtone

    nevtone New Member

    I can't access Strat- talk from my phone anymore. There is no avatar for Gibson-talk.
  19. SAguitar

    SAguitar Active Member

    Paul, we seem to have a "new member" (Choobre) today that is posting some random stuff. Looks like a bot!

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