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Discussion in 'Gibson Acoustic Forum' started by ThomF, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. ThomF

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    So I just bought a J45. My dream guitar and very expensive here in Brazil because of the taxes.

    I researched a lot about fakes and already own a legit gibby( a j-35 from 2016). Everything about the guitar seems legit and order. Documentation, fit, finish, etc etc. 99% sure it is a legit gibson and it sounds better than my j35 too.

    Except for one thing: The serial number and "made in USA" markings on the back of the headstock are barely legible. As if they were either not stamped in the wood with enough strenght or oversprayed/overfinished.

    Is this normal on this type of guitar? Seems almost like a blemish or finishing flaw to me. In my j35 the markings are quite legible and clear but then again the nitro finish is transparent. The j45 neck and back/sides are in a very dark/near black finish.

    I hope the picture shows it well enough. The serial number matches the factory checklist and checks out in the gibson serial code search.

    I want to know if this is normal on these guitars or if I caught a badly finished one.



    It is not normal, but I've seen it more than you might imagine. There are databases on-line that allow you to verify those numbers, but from what I see, even with new guitars, it's not unusual and you are most likely good to go.
  3. Infant

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    Hi Thom and welcome to Gibson Talk. If you have any concerns as to the authenticity, contact Gibson customer service. Take some good quality photos of the front, back, headstock (front and back), soundhole label etc. and send them off to Gibson with the same question you asked us. They will tell you whether the guitar is legit or not.

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  4. Infant

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    Did you buy it from a Gibson dealer?
  5. johnreardon

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    Hi as Robs says, contact Gibson Support. They will need to see pics of the guitar including serial no.

    I would ignore those online dating sites. They are never that accurate. I always go to the source, i.e. the manufacture, when asking questions about guitars.
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    "The only genuine dating sites online anymore are those that send you Russian wives."

    Can you site some examples. (Just so I know what to watch out for of course.)

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