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    I don't usually announce new arrivals, but this one will be an exception.
    I finally decided to go with the Sheraton ll Pro, after several weeks of research and evaluating the reviews. And it's my first humbucker loaded guitar since the 70's.
    This guitar has been a complete surprise, particularly since the ones that I played locally were a little less than impressive. Primarily due to lack of set up and required nut work. I expected a little would need to be done, as always, and that was part of my surprise.
    It only took a little lowering of the bridge to get incredible action all along the neck. I fiddled with the pickup height and intonation for half an hour and then sat down to explore the sound.
    First off I found that the coil taps produced a very usable range of tones. Those tapped tones, or the lack of them, are what has kept me away form buckers for so long. The fit and finish (vintage sunburst) are flawless. The bling goes on for days.
    So, I got a lot more than I expected, and it was on sale for the 4th of July at GC.
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    Another happy camper! Congratulations. I have owned 3 Sheratons, loved them all, and I'm not sure why I don't own one now, except that my ES-335 kinda takes care of that need. But enough about me, enjoy that beauty and the wonderful world of semi-hollow body double humbuckers!


    Thanks SA. That's the plan.

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