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Discussion in 'The Epi Center' started by ALExG, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. ALExG

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    Hi everyone,
    I would buy a sheraton epiphone gibson of '90 on ebay it seems really good made. But there aren't any serial number on the "f" and on the backhead. Tell me your opinion about it. There's a strange written on the " f " but no sticker or serial number. See the photos. Thank you all.

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  2. Infant

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    Ciao Alex,
    That appears to be a fake. The logo on an Epiphone headstock should be on a slight angle and the label inside the F hole is not correct. Personally, I would pass on this guitar and look for something else.

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  3. Jeffytune

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    Tuners are wrong, the bridge is wrong and no serial number and no label?



    What is the asking price?
    From what I'm seeing, the other guys are probably right about the non-original parts, but both the bridge and tuners look to be an upgrade to what Epi usually installs.
  5. Infant

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    The tuners, bridge and stop tailpiece look similar to the ones I had on my old korean Aria Pro II TA-60. So it appears that it may be a Korean made guitar but like I said, the logo is wrong. It should be on a slant.

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  6. speedy454

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    There is a LOT wrong with that head stock.
    Logo is wrong.
    Open book should be rounded, not pointy.
    Flower inlays are wrong.
    Vine leaves are wrong.
  7. SAguitar

    SAguitar Active Member

    I would pass on this one. Keep looking for the real thing!

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