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Discussion in 'Mods and Tech Talk' started by gruff1, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. gruff1

    gruff1 New Member

    I'm considering relicing my SG. Any tips ? TIA

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  2. johnreardon

    johnreardon Active Member

    Hi and welcome to this place.

    Relicing is always a contentious subject. I have nothing against them, in fact some of them I have owned from Fender and Gibson have been great playing and sounding guitars.

    The worst 'relic' jobs I have seen have been done by their owners. It's difficult to compete against the manufacturers, so my tip would be to leave the SG alone and let it age naturally.

    And this tip is from a person who took an electric sander to a Guild Slim Jim in the 60s, removing the Cherry colour to reveal the natural wood. Ruined the value, but I was happy at the time. Would never do it now. I just play them.
  3. Infant

    Infant Active Member

    I'm with John on this issue. I've never seen a great looking relic. Even factory done ones. I always find them extremely "over-reliced" when compared to my 43 year old Telecaster. The way I see it, my Tele has earned it's mojo, reliced guitars are just "posers". Just my personal opinion.

    Just remember, once you start, there's no turning back! :)

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  4. kidmo

    kidmo New Member

    Try just replacing the hardware with distressed ones. Then it'll look like an old guitar that was well taken care of. If the neck is sticky, hit it with 3M pad and then 400 grit sandpaper if it still needs it. 99% of real distressing is very slight and it is easy to overdo it. If you want a GREAT looking relic, strip it down and send it to MJT for a proper job.
  5. jimilee

    jimilee Member

    Play it a lot, it should look great in about 10 years.

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  6. Infant

    Infant Active Member

    Here is my 43 yr old naturally relic'd Tele. It was used exclusively every weekend for the first 22 years, until I started buying more guitars. I abused it in the early years. Left it in a van overnight a few times in the heat of summer and cold of winter. Used to crash the drummers cymbals with the headstock. Just had some mild finish checking on the body and nicks on the headstock.

    The most wear is on the body. You can see the wear thru the plating on the ashtray and the control plate around the volume knob. The finish on the body is only slightly discoloured/worn from my arm and on the back edge, you can see where my strap wore thru the finish. I have no idea where that single big chip came from. :biggrin:

    What I'm trying to show you here is that factoty relic'd guitars seem to be heavily overdone compared to a naturally aged relic. Like jimilee said, play it a lot for 10 years

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    I have to ask why?
    Just because I've never even considered trashing one of my instruments, and I've had some stinkers in my collection.
  8. Billy C

    Billy C Active Member

    Hi and Welcome to Gibson-Talk, Gruff1. If that SG were mine I would let it relic itself just by using it but to each there own and the best to you on your project. See where some mfg's are calling it road worn on their new guitars............................
  9. GibSG

    GibSG Member

    Nice Telecaster Infant !
  10. Infant

    Infant Active Member

    Thanks, I bought it new when I was 18. I played a lot of gigs with it over the years. I only got into palm muting about 15 yrs ago so as you can see, I've worn thru some of the plating on the ashtray as I used it as a hand rest.

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    I've got one of those older models, 65 I think. But I've always found it easier to palm mute with the ash tray off.
  12. Infant

    Infant Active Member

    I didn't hear a rim-shot! [emoji6]

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  13. Billy C

    Billy C Active Member

    Nice Tele Rob. It probably has a better sound than these new Tele's do. Thanks for the pic of what a real Tele looks like...............
  14. Infant

    Infant Active Member

    Thanks Billy! It's officially in semi-retirement but I played a gig with it 2 weeks ago with my new band and everyone in the band just loved the sound of it. It's a great guitar and owes me nothing!

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  15. jimilee

    jimilee Member

    I want a new band!! Nice tele.

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  16. Infant

    Infant Active Member

    You wanna take my place? You are welcome to.
  17. jimilee

    jimilee Member

    :p I’m in chattanooga tn, probably now where near AND I’m a way better bass player.

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  18. Infant

    Infant Active Member

    Looks like we're looking for a bass player now. Only 800 miles north of you!

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  19. SAguitar

    SAguitar Active Member

    Hah! I've always been a palm muter and never could play anything with an ashtray on it.

    To the OP, just play that thing, the more the better, and it will relic itself.
  20. Infant

    Infant Active Member

    Like I said, I've just been palm muting for about 15 years or so...pretty much since I got my first Gibson.

    Apologies to the OP for hijacking his post. Like everyone is saying, play it and let it self-relic.

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