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Discussion in 'The Epi Center' started by TinPan, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. TinPan

    TinPan New Member

    Does anyone know where I an find this Epiphone guitar "NEW"? I know it is discontinued but my hope is that there may be someplace in the US who may still have a new one. Epiphone Wilshire Pro. I appreciate any advise.
  2. Biddlin

    Biddlin Member

    No new ones available. Check and Ebay for used ones, about $400 usd+/-.
  3. Infant

    Infant Active Member

    Like Biddlin said check ebay and reverb as its gonna be hard to find a new one.
  4. TinPan

    TinPan New Member

    I have been looking in those places, Im just worried of ending up with something that need a lot of work. I may try the Wilshire Phant-o-matic, any input on that one?
  5. Renee57

    Renee57 New Member

    that's why I got back into playing after several years. Thanks for the reminder

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