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Discussion in 'Other Gibson Solid Bodies' started by bigbadjohn999, Feb 15, 2018.

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    I recently bought an SG black it has a gold M on Headstock
    this guitar on CL was very cheap $150 included a nice hard case, decent amp, and effects processor, and all the accessories.
    I only bought it to get the case I was thinking the SG will be from one of those packs they do at Christmas for $199 including everything amp, soft case
    strap, and tuner, like the Strat pack only SG

    I saw this on CL it's a Les Paul and it has the M and looks decent
    anybody know anything about these guitars
    This is the CL one they are asking $400 in a pawn shop don't have a pic of mine yet will post tomorrow

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    Not a MacCubbin guitar, but certainly stealing his logo. More like an EVH than a Les Paul.

  4. bigbadjohn999

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    This is the actual SG guitar
    I think the M stands for Maestro
    it was an entry-level guitar for beginners by Gibson.

    The quality is much better than expected when it's tweaked, new strings action set it will be a decent guitar.

    The one above in the pawn shop is expensive, massively overpriced at $400
    they probably only paid $40 for it.

    I could never buy a guitar from a pawn shop I would be thinking of the poor person having to part with their beloved guitar for a few buck it would be too much bad Karma for me

    I just saw this, well mine is better it has two humbuckers and a hard case
    bigger amp and DigiTech RP80 Modeling Guitar Processor all for $150 cad.
    Notice the bridge is completely different from the one for $199

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  5. SAguitar

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    Congratulations! If it plays well and sounds good then enjoy that bad boy!
  6. Biddlin

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    Black SG, what's not to love? Rock on!

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