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Discussion in 'Les Paul Discussion Page' started by jguion007, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. jguion007

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    I just received a new LE Studio special. No setup or fit/finish problems at all! It is staying in tune. It has the 490r and 498t pups. I am surprised at how very bright they are! I guess they are ceramic, and hotter than vintage? So any experience with them out there, and are yours so bright? How to fix maybe? It sustains very well too, just lacks any warmth. Ideas? Thank you!
  2. SAguitar

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    I have a set of those mounted in my favorite SG, and they are great. They are definitely not too bright for me, and I'm pretty sure they are A5 magnets. Have you been unable to compensate for the tone you want with your amplifier's controls?
  3. Biddlin

    Biddlin Member

    Roll the volume back to about 8 on the bridge pickup and starting with the tone at 0, roll up the tone until you find what you like. The 498t is hotter than the 490 and many players would say it is the iconic Les Paul lead sound. Height adjustment can affect the tone of pickups.
  4. kaicho8888

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    The 490R has A3 and 498T has A5. I found that EQ the amp to the neck gave the bridge too much treble. If I EQ the amp to the bridge; too much mud on the neck.

    I switched the alnico magnets between the 490R and the 498T. It was definitely more workable together now. The neck 490R with A5 magnet is not as muffled.
  5. +1 on what kaitcho says, if they do have A3/5 magnets.

    Easy(ish) way to tell the difference between ceramic and AlNiCo is a ceramic magnet will look grainy and be very dark in colour, Alnico is smoother, and shiny.
    Quick tip - BEFORE you pull the magnet out of the pickup, mark the TOP (visible) face, NEXT TO the screw pole on each magnet - black marker, dab of paint...
    When you swap them, the mark needs to be visible AND next to the screw poles.
    If one magnet is placed the 'wrong way round' you'll get 'that' nasally out of phase sound in the 'both pickups on' position.
    Doesn't matter which way round you put the magnets, it just avoids unwanted surprises and hours of head scratching if you mess up.

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