The LG2 as rendered by Farida Guitars of Elderly Instruments

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    There is no doubt that I have been a long time fan of Gibson Acoustics. There is no other brand that I prefer. Gibson has a sound that is proprietary to itself.
    I also prefer Gibson electrics. The only surviving member of my electric guitar "collection" is a solitary SG Faded Special. I sold off all of my other guitars and kept the Gibson. I think I fell in love with Gibson when I first saw the 1966 Gibson (green covered) Catalog and when I heard The Rolling Stones and The Beatles and Bob Dylan using Gibson Acoustics. Nuff on to the point of this post. I wish I could afford a Gibson acoustic these days but they are too far out of my price range. I was hoping that Gibson would have done with acoustics what they did with the TRIBUTE series of electrics thus bringing the cost down to below the $1000 mark. But alas and alack they have not. Which now brings me to the crux of this post. I have heard some generally good things about the Elderly Designed Farida LG2 reproductions. They run from $400 to $1100, with the higher end having fully solid woods being used. Even the lower price point, the Old Town 22 has a solid Sitka spruce top. Do any of you out there have hands on experience with this line of guitars? Any advice is welcomed.
    I have owned Gibson Acoustics way back in the past and I only wish I had them now. Some of them were: a late Sixties J30 (or some such number below 45). It was a "plain Jane" model...but it rang out oh so true. I also had a 1973 Dove; a 1970 J45; an SJ 100. I also went through a slew of Gibson Les Pauls, SG's, a 1964 or 65 non-reverse (really reversed) Firebird, a couple of ES 335's, a pelham green mid-sixties Epiphone Casino (wow, rare) and a whole bunch of Teles and Strats, too. All of which if I still owned would be a solid nest egg for sure.
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